CD & DVD Displays - Wire, Cardboard, Wood & Plastic Fixtures

CD & DVD Displays - Countertop & Floor Standing Fixtures for Increasing Point of Sale Purchases of Movies & Music

CD DisplaysOwn a music or movie store that often features new releases and having trouble promoting these new releases? Look no further than using a cardboard or acrylic CD & DVD display. These racks sit comfortably on countertops and can contain various amounts of items in each. Many of these display work as either DVD or CD holders. DVD displays can accommodate regular DVDs and BluRay style cases. Countertop fixtures are small enough to be out of customer's way, while still drawing the attention of potentially interested buyers. Free standing displays are larger are effective when placed right at the front of retail stores. Running a special sale on holiday movies and albums? Place them right at the counter and customers will be more likely to purchase them on a whim! POP sales can greatly increased with a clever and thoughtfully placed display for sale items. Merchandise like CDs or DVDs aren't the customer's intended purchase, but when placed properly they are much more likely to grab a new release or a timeless classic.

DVD displaysThese fixtures are a very affordable option. A small investment in one of these countertop displays can drastically increase sales. Similar floorstanding cardboard and acrylic displays are available as well. Utilize these fixtures for POP merchandise. Customers are hardpressed to turn down an awesome sale if it is staring them in the face when they are checking out. Showcase both DVDs and CDs in the same tower fixture. Market the combination of a movie and soundtrack together in an effort to sell both together or try running a special that offers a discount if someone purchases a combo package.

What types of stores commonly use these displays?
  • Media stores use these fixtures to conserve countertop space and promote sales
  • Music stores can promote local artists or favorite albums with these CD fixtures
  • Department stores often sponsor specific artists and sell their albums at the checkout counter

CD display stands and DVD racks improve countertop and floor standing marketing

DVD holders, retail racks, and other CD displays come in a variety of different styles and finishes to best suit your needs. From holders that can hold 5 discs to wire racks that can hold up to 160, we surely have a display ideal for you. You can buy retail racks, CD displays that are for counter-top use, as well as floor standing styles. These CD displays are made of either cardboard, acrylic or wire, giving you the preference to pick the material best suited for your environment.

Media racks offer an simple way to organize and display your products and merchandise. Some of these CD displays have tiered pockets, allowing simple access to the products while still displaying the front cover. The DVD holders, CD displays are an inexpensive yet highly efficient way of displaying multiple products to your customers in an appealing manner.

Our online catalog includes many other retail displays for countertops available for purchase. We sell these Compact Disc displays as an optimal way to objects multiple CDs and DVDs at your business. A trade show, P.O.P, and retail leader for over 40 years, Displays2go has American's largest warehouse of in-stock displays. Buy most merchandise by 2PM, and we ship out to you the same day!