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Retractable Portable Projection Screens - Floor Standing & Ceiling Hanging

Guide: How To Pick The Best Projection Screen:

Material: There are a lot of "high tech" materials being made for projection screens today, but only one is the "mistake proof" preference. Standard matte-white material is the most versatile surface available. Its surface distributes light evenly over a wide viewing area. The colors of your images are bright and life like, with no shifts in hue. Beware the advantages other fabrics claim are also their weakness. Surfaces that claim to show a "brighter" picture have a much narrower viewing angle, and are less rugged. There are some fabrics that are even designed to be less bright in order to reduce ambient glare.

Aspect Ratio: Our screens are made with a 1.33 width/height ratio. This is the same ratio as your television set and computer monitor. These screens are designed to make perfect use of their surface area when showing power point presentations and videos. If you are showing HDTV or letterbox-style movies there will be unused screen at the top and bottom of our products. (note: 32mm film has a 1.32 w/h ratio - Our screens are the best preference for that size projection.)

Size: Screens come in many sizes. One should always try to fit their screen size to their audience, not to their projector. The audience's location is determined by the room size. The screen height should be approximately 1/6 the distance from the screen to the last row of seats. This will allow those people to read text, and see image detail. The first row of seats should be about two screen heights away from the screen itself.

These rules apply for both portable visual marketing presentations and home theater/cinema. Other options to consider are whether you can permanently install a motorized screen, or if permanent wall mount manual screens are the most convenient choice. Are you able to wire an electric control to a wall switch? These are things that can help you find the best priced choice that suits your needs. Good for any front LCD projector. In addition to these trade show accessories, Displays2go offers portable exhibit panels that are convenient to take on the road. Chech out more audio visual products and other exhibit display accessories on this trusted site.