TV Racks Offered In Many Sizes and Configurations

Monitor & TV Racks for Digital Promotional Use at Businesses, Events, Organizations

Monitor StandsTV racks are great promotional tools for malls, retail stores, and especially trade shows. There is also a large selection of LCD mounts that can be used in lieu of an entertainment center in a home. How do I know which of these TV racks can be used with my flat screen television? These plasma stands are all shipped with VESA mounting brackets. Universally agreed upon by most manufacturers, these plasma mounts hold your television securely onto the stand. While we ship out the mounting hardware for most LCD televisions, some TVs will require certain screws that you can purchase at your local hardware store. These TV racks, also known as LCD monitor stands, include (4) plastic strips to keep wires out of view. These strips slide quickly into the grooves along the stand, and the open design allows access to the wires while also keeping them concealed. There is a considerable selection of TV racks available here to fit nearly any size flat screen monitor. These flat panel television furniture items are often seen in hotel lobbies, casinos, and other business offices displaying informative messages and other digital media. Some of these TV racks can also be used in a home to mount a flat screen television to, rather than ordering large entertainment centers that clutter up your living room.

Monitor StandsThese plasma stands are great television furniture for heavily trafficked areas, as they are made from brushed aluminum that is very durable. Rugged and rust-proof when used properly indoors, these LCD TV racks, flat panel mounts are finished with satin silver to fit in with nearly any setting. Many of these flat screen stands have an optional tilting bracket available. These LCD TV racks with tilting features allow the viewing angle to be positioned to provide potential customers and clients with the best possible view of what your business has to offer. Some of these flat panel stands feature poster frames and literature pockets, combing traditional adverting avenues with the latest technology. These LCD TV racks are commonly used at trade shows to display informational videos or other attractive media regarding merchandise and services. Passersby are more likely to stop and take notice of sound and motion from a television monitor rather than a static poster.

Monitor StandsAnother new demographic that is starting to utilize these TV racks is the medical profession. Doctors' offices, hospitals, and other professionals are using this television furniture to mount a flat panel in the lobby. By not using large wooden entertainment centers, waiting rooms are able to be more spacious and comfortable. This LCD TV rack can also be used in the examining rooms to display patient information or other informative media. Some of the flat screen stands shown above feature shelves and casters that add to the convenience of using them in a busy office environment. Use this TV rack to display a plasma television in portrait or landscape depending on the need. With so many options and accessories its no wonder that this site is America's #1 preference for all flat screen television furniture.

How do I know if my plasma television will fit this LCD TV rack?
  • There are multiple informative pages listed on this website to ensure that your flat panel TV will fit on these mounts.
  • The LCD TV rack featured above all have a VESA rating to further clarify what size plasma television will fit on the stand.
  • For further queries regarding any of the flat screen furniture shown here, contact a member of the customer service team.
Are any of these LCD TV racks portable?
  • Many of the plasma and flat panel monitor stands feature wheels for ease of portability.
  • There is also a large selection of mobile LCD TV racks that breakdown and fit into a compact carrying case.
  • Most of these plasma television stands can be used as entertainment centers in a home, or as a monitor mounts to display digital media at a trade show.

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