Outdoor Ashtrays & Trash Cans

Outdoor Ash Trays & Trash Cans - Cigarette Waste Containers

These outdoor trash cans will help dismiss unsightly cigarette rubbish throughout your property! The cigarette butt receptacles, outdoor ashtrays are available as both combination and individual designs. The outdoor trash cans, also known as waste containers, feature 2 different techniques for extinguishing cigarette butts. The Smokers' Outposts® utilize an oxygen-restricting design to dismiss a cigarette's ability to continue to burn. No sand or water is required! We also offer outdoor trash cans as combination rubbish containers, featuring separate trays for smokers' litter. These outdoor ashtrays use sand, water or other specific ashtray fill to put out cigarette butts.

These outdoor trash cans and ashtrays are constructed from either polyethylene plastic or steel, to battle extreme weather conditions, while still looking stylish. These commercial ashtrays are simple-to-maintain outdoor ashtrays with their detachable trays or lift-off body. Cigarette butts can be removed using tongs or a sand sifter, or by simply emptying a lift-out pail. These outdoor ashtrays, such as smokers' urns, or outdoor trash containers, can be used in a variety of settings to help keep your property clean.

We sell these outdoor ashtrays as great additions to any front entryway or park environment. You can use the ashtrays to encourage visitors to properly dispose of their litter. The outdoor bins also add a stylish attribute to any setting, with their stone panels, metal bodies or uniquely curved designs. Displays2go also offers a variety of waste receptacles made by Rubbermaid®. Since 1974, Displays2go has been producing and distributing POP display fixtures across America. Over the years, our visual merchandising and site furnishing selections have grown to include displays, supplies, and general solutions, like these outdoor ashtrays. Now you can visit our site to help create an impactful first impression upon your visitors!