Podiums & Lecterns with Integrated Sound Systems

Podiums with Audio Systems are Perfect for Large Lectures & Presentations

Many of these upscale podiums are wireless ready and come with all the required accessories to supply a powerful performance. However, some presentations require multiple presenters to speak, and more than one wireless microphone would be optimal. The majority of podiums listed on this page come with a wireless ready amplifier, which includes a single wireless receiver. If you have a wireless receiver, then you only need to purchase a non-wired microphone. Alternatively, if you need an supplemental wireless microphone & receiver, we offer kits that include both of those parts as well.

Accessories for lecterns can provide environmentally friendly alternatives to powering your podium. We have an optional rechargeable battery with a 20 hour battery life to be used with these podiums. This rechargeable battery is perfect for venues where lots of power equipment is going to be used & power plugs are at a minimum. Instead of having to plug your pulpit into a wall, the pulpit can power itself with this optional battery.

This accessories for lecterns page showcases optional components and lecterns that are guaranteed compatible. A key part in ordering podium supplemental supplies is to ensure the wireless components will not have competing frequencies, otherwise the new equipment may work poorly or not at all with current equipment. These accessories for lecterns, such as podium supplemental supplies can allow you to continue to update and enhance your venue's presentation abilities.