Pastry Display Cases - Durable Acrylic Construction

Bakery & Pastry Cases Improve Countertop Merchandising of Fresh Baked Donuts, Muffins & Desserts

Acrylic Bakery Cases

These pastry display cases will help to display your delicacies in a safe yet beautiful way. These countertop cabinets are offered in multiple styles and sizes, including those with or without shelves. These bagel bins, pastry display cases are fabricated from rugged acrylic, offering bakery shoppers a clear view of the contents inside. The newer fixtures featured above, have a thin metal frame that further complements the food contained within. Are you looking for pastry display cases for your bakery or coffee shop? These acrylic displays are rugged, yet fairly inexpensive in comparison to glass cabinets. Merchandise stored in these pastry display cases can be readily recognized even from afar! These cookie display cases are a preferred for small shop owners who tend to have little counter space available. Attractively designed, these pastry display cases can also be used in delis, bakeries, restaurants and even retail stores to exhibit small or loose objects. These smaller units can even be stacked on top of one another to conserve precious counter space, yet offer a wide range of food merchandise. Use these pastry display cases to showcase mouth-watering sweets to lure consumers. These clear countertop cabinets with shelves also feature a hinged door to maintain the freshness of the displayed merchandise, as well as keep the food protected from curious children. The pastry display cases shown above typically have three tiered shelves to allow users to display a large selection of product. Use these cabinets to showcase such merchandise as; bagels, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, or even cookies and scones. These countertop bakery display cases are a must-have for any retailer that offers small bite-sized treats. Be sure to purchase these counter cabinets before 2PM EST to qualify for same day shipping!

Pastry Cases & Displays

This pastry display case, like a countertop display and bakery display cabinet, has many different display possibilities. This small showcase is not limited to just food merchandise. Let the clear acrylic exterior of each pastry display case show off the quality and freshness of your muffins, cookies, cakes, donuts and bagels. Some of the food cases in this category feature a hinged door or lid to keep pastry fresher and longer. This countertop cabinet pastry display case provides simple full or self-service access for employees and/or consumers in your bakery, buffet or hotel breakfast bar. The doors on this plastic showcase also help to decrease bugs from getting into the interior of the cabinet. For your convenience, we supply this acrylic pastry display case in a variety of styles for shoppers to choose from. There is also a large assortment of countertop acrylic bins and trays available with same day shipping options.

Do these bakery displays require any assembly prior to use?
  • The majority of these countertop acrylic cabinets are shipped pre-assembled.
  • Some of these pastry displays may require the trays to be re-positioned.
  • No additional tools are required to assemble any of these acrylic food bins.
Are these pastry displays offered with additional trays?
  • This site does offer acrylic food trays that will fit into some of the cases shown here.
  • For shoppers in need of additional trays for their pastry displays, please verify the dimensions.
  • For further information regarding any of the countertop acrylic bins or cookie display cases featured here, contact one of our representatives who will be happy to assist.
Hotel Pastry Display Cases

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