LCD TV Racks with Shelving & Wheels

Trade Show LCD TV Racks - Workstations w/ Locking Casters & Shelving

This LCD TV rack have shelf options available for use as a workstation. Why should your business purchase an LCD TV rack? Each of these stands has a unique feature that is sure to benefit any location they are placed in. The plasma stand, rack for LCD TV is perfect for use as a workstation. Shelves on each unit can be used for a multitude of purposes, and many units also feature wheels in order to be transported easy. The TV rack for LCD is usually found in hospitals, waiting rooms, trade shows, convention centers, and exhibition halls. Employees can use the LCD TV rack to complete tasks. Visitors to a trade show booth can use the TV rack for LCD to interact with your business' merchandise.

The LCD TV rack, like a plasma stand, has been designed as a workstation unit. The large shelf on each display is for placement of items such as medical equipment on to use at a hospital. This LCD TV rack has shelves that allow a person to easily sit down and have ample room perform their tasks. The television monitor displays information for both the patient and doctor to see and talk about. This LCD TV rack is a great way to create a positive environment that allows tasks to be completed timely and expeditiously. Buy one of these monitor stands today for your business! The TV rack for LCD can mount your television with ease.

What are the benefits of using an LCD TV rack?
  • The fixtures can hold a large television for displaying information.
  • An Interactive TV rack for LCD makes communication between customers or patients easier.
  • Wheeled units allow for quick transport between rooms and halls.
What size television can I use on a LCD TV rack?
  • All the stands list weight restrictions and sizes on their specific product pages.
  • Each LCD TV rack features a mount that is VESA compatible to ensure monitors that fall within those ranges can be installed.
  • Screws, spacers, & washers are included with each TV rack for LCD for attaching to bracket.

Digital signage is becoming more prevalent all over the country. This LCD TV rack can hold a digital signage player along with a monitor to promote your business. In addition to these stand options, commercial monitors are also available that are more durable than residential units and perfect for use with digital signage players. From trade shows to schools, the rack for LCD TV is a popular preference. Schools can set-up workstations for students to perform specific tasks away from the rest of the class. Trade shows can have interactive displays available that allows potential customers to see for themselves exactly what your business is capable of doing. Each rack for LCD TV provides an easy way to display information as well as work!

Each of the LCD TV rack options featured on this page are VESA mount compatible. Referring to a standard between manufacturers of televisions and brackets, VESA sizes allow consumers to be confident that their television will work with a specific standard, as long as that monitor falls within in the VESA size range. The hole pattern on the back of your television is standardized to fit in with brackets, as are the sizes of screws that will be used to attach the mount to your stand. Each LCD TV racks includes screws, spacers, and washers to install your television, though in some cases specific screws may need to be purchased at a local hardware store. While browsing this selection of workstation stands, be sure to check your television VESA size or contact the manufacturer for that information to ensure your television will work with the stand being purchased.

Available with these plasma stands are adjustable workstations. These units have poles that can be raised from 44-1/2" to 81", in (8) fixed positions. Display a monitor at the desired height with these highly versatile units. The fixture has a large or small shelf available for attaching to the unit. There are (3) different fixed heights for the shelf as well, and the placement of the shelves is usually in response to the height of the television. Choose from a black or silver finish on these durable aluminum units. These neutral colors easily blend in with any setting, whether an office, school, hospital or trade show.

Many of these work station stands have wheels included for easy mobility. These wheels allow each unit to be transported between rooms or across an exhibit floor with ease. The wheels are also locking to stabilize the stand once in a desired position. By using locking stands, presentations in different rooms are easily achieved without having to purchase individual units for each area. The satin aluminum stands with an MDF shelf have the wheels included, but they are entirely optional. These units ship with rubber feet installed on the bottom of the base, and installing the wheels onto the bases only require a basic screw driver!

The newest set of stands for work station use is perfect for use in hospitals. These units have an adjustable shelf. This shelf can be moved up and down the unit with ease using a screw driver to secure the set screws on the back of the unit. These plasma stands features an adjustable bracket that allows you to mount your television in different positions along the main pole. Your television can be mounted in either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation. Locking casters are available on this unit as well, with large wheels utilized for durability. The back of the display has a shelf for a power strip to be placed. A power strip makes it easier to give power to the entire unit, as only one plug will need to be plugged in if using various devices. There also plastic sliders along the back pole in order to help with cable management. Place cables coming from the television or electronic peripherals through these sliders in order to keep them out of sight and create an overall neater looking display.

For businesses looking to have an exciting trade show booth that will lure in customers, the all-in-one unit is perfect. This display has (2) large counters that can be presented from, or to create an interactive station. Above these counters hang your flat panel televisions. These monitors can be displayed in either landscape or portrait orientation without issue. The stylish truss design, complemented with a black finish, is sure to help draw-in potential customers. An included carrying case holds each component of the display. This case transforms into a greeting counter with an included graphic wrap and sales counter! The back of the display has been designed to hold an 8' x 8;' custom graphic. By conjoining traditional advertising techniques such as static imagery with the latest in technology, your display is sure to be a hit.

These workstation displays are found at exhibits, offices, & nearly any other business. All of the TV stand styles available, including models available nude or with different shelf options, are made of quality materials for durability. The plasma stand can use most sizes of televisions, and holds (2) TVs easily on specific styles. For exhibition hall use, some tall flat screen displays feature a travel case for easy transport to and from events! The large shelf included with many entertainment centers is perfect for placing electronic peripherals.

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