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Trade Show Counters | Multiple Style & Skirting Color Options

Trade Show Counters - Portable Podiums are Ideal for Traveling and Easy to Setup & Take Down

trade show counters

What makes trade show counters different from standard folding tables & floor-standing fixtures? These portable podiums are meant specifically for implementation during conventions & are designed for the traveling associated with such events. The trade show counters are sold in a variety of sizes & can be used in groups or as individual display accessories. The exhibits counters are more portable than standard tables & provide more flexibility when it comes to designing a presentation. These trade show podiums, also known as display counters, can be the focal point within an exhibition or as mere platforms to complement an exhibit. Why not use these floor-standing fixtures to present product samples or to serve refreshments? These trade show counters can also be used to share literature, while keeping a visitor's attention towards the items & services being presented.

These portable counters give users the ability to connect with clients on a more balanced plane. Typically, presenters employ folding tables behind which they wait & require guests to approach them. These trade show podiums force exhibitors to stand up within an exhibit, making them more approachable & therefore more effective at their jobs. The pedestal counters also create areas where customers can feel like they are receiving one-on-one consideration. These portable podiums position each person at an equal level while conversing. Not only can the kiosks showcase product replicas, but the displays also work well as checkout stands. Why not apply these portable podiums as a location to close a sales deal? The exhibit booth counters are at the perfect height for signing paperwork, yet keep the interaction casual, friendly & positive.

How Can These Portable Podiums be Used in a Booth?
  • Distribute pamphlets or promotional spec sheets at these trade show counters.
  • Highlight examples of how your product or service can be implemented with illustrations & takeaway brochures.
  • Supply drinks or snacks.
  • Display a gaming product, such as a prize wheel or a raffle drum.
  • Interact with potential clients in a focused & equalizing setting. The overall interaction will result in a more positive experience because both parties are standing versus having one person sit while the other stands in front of a table.
trade show podiums

These display counters are available in a few different color options & a variety of designs. The pedestal counters, for example, can be purchased in the following designs: round, quadrilateral & bullet. These portable podiums are even sold with separate holders to keep handouts & brochures upright, sorted & on display. Please feel free to browse through the entire selection to find the right floor-standing fixture for your individual needs. The portable exhibits counters with oval counters, for example, work well when communicating with a larger audience of potential clients. The circular design makes it easier for a group to gather around a central location. The pedestal displays therefore highlight a particular model or mock-up product. The quad kiosks with four-sided countertops can be used individually or within a group to create kiosks or large-size booth counters. Position three, side by side to create a u-shaped tabletop. These display podiums allow presenters to comfortably stand behind an exhibit without making customers feel uncomfortable or out of place. Finally, the bullet-style counters offer a larger surface space on which to sort spec sheets, swag or gaming displays.

What Are The Benefits to Adding These Exhibits Counters to an Exhibit?
  • These portable counters take up little space, yet provide a unique area in which to conduct business transactions or to converse with potential clients.
  • The knockdown design makes transporting your supplies exceptionally easy. Separate pieces can even be stored within one shipping case (sold separately.)
  • Fabric attachments add bright color to a presentation without distracting customers or overwhelming a display with too many advertisements.
trade show podiums

Another great feature of these portable trade show fixtures is the colored fabric wraparound attachments. Typically, folding tables & counters feature a very simple design that is supplemented with graphics & promotional materials that users would have to provide themselves. These portable podiums are equipped with nylon & thermoform material in four different color options: jet black, ruby red, sapphire blue & silver. This adds color & a striking element to any tradeshow presentation! Purchase the shade that matches your company's logo or choose a completely different color to make an exhibit stand out during a crowded exhibition! The stretchy fabric is pulled taut, therefore creating smooth lines & modern styling to which passersby will be drawn.

In order to be successful during a convention, a user must differentiate his exhibits from the competition. In truth, many of that success will stem from the actual interaction with customers & how the items or services are presented. Was the exhibitor friendly, approachable & easy to speak with? Was the information needed to make a decision simple to find & understand? These portable counters improve the effectiveness of a marketing campaign because of the simple design, separate literature compartments & positive atmosphere generated. As mentioned before, it is important to make guests feel like equals within trade show booths or exhibits. By requiring both participants to stand around a pedestal or booth counter, it takes hierarchies & false perceptions out of the equation altogether. Guests will not feel intimidated by individuals seated behind a folding table but rather confident that the exhibitors are amicable, sociable & willing to answers inquiries. At the same time, tradeshow participants are distinguishing themselves from the cookie-cutter molds of table & chair setups. Not only will this make an overall presentation more memorable, but it will also give users more options for creating eye-catching exhibits.

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