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Restaurant Podiums - Elegant and Functional Hostess Stations

Restaurant Hostess Stands & Valet Podiums for Reservations & Customer Service

Restaurant podium for hostesses

What are the most important things to consider when choosing restaurant podiums for greeting visitors? Because hostess stations are customers’ first point of contact, it's a good idea to choose reception furniture that blends seamlessly with the decor. Whether fabricated in MDF with woodgrain laminate finish, or steel with an acrylic top, restaurant podiums set a decorative tone in both modern and traditional settings. The featured hostess stations include fixtures with a simple pedestal design, as well as more complex configurations that offer shelves and drawers. We also offer full-scale workstations with locking compartments for housing personal belongings, equipment, supplies, and cash. Some of our lecterns are even designed to work with PA systems for notifying guests their table is ready.

Opt for cabinets outfitted with a pull-out keyboard tray or side shelf for staff who, in addition to their receiving duties, will be multi-tasking. Light bookkeeping and booking reservations are easier when your workstation is configured to house computers and pagers and cash registers. Another option we offer is valet stands featuring built-in hooks for keys and a safe place to keep tickets and tips. Wheeled to ensure easy mobility in parking lots or on the curb of a hospital, hotel, or concert venue, these stands for parking lot attendants and other hired staff. Make sure the configuration of your restaurant podiums support the daily activities of customer service employees who will be "parked" there most of the day. While some workers will have meet-and-greet duties, others will have more duties that will need the support of a fully functional work station, plus a secure area for holding money or personal items. Restaurant podiums come in an array of sizes, too, for compatibility with any organizational footprint.

host station with acrylic top and steel poles What styles do these host stations come in and where are they used?
  • Straightforward pedestal designs are simple and straightforward - park these hostess lecterns anywhere to give waitresses or reception staff a place to rest, do light paperwork, or store menus.
  • Restaurant podiums that double as work stations feature simple open shelving - as well as doors, compartments and drawers. Safely secure schedules, pagers, tablets, adding machines, and personal belongings with locking cabinets.
  • Waitress stations with concealed wheels can be tipped to one side and moved by one person across convention halls or large dining rooms. Casters that lock keep the furniture stable during use so your furniture doesn't go for a ride without you.
  • Valet stands come with key holders that are accessible only to the staff standing behind it. Parking attendants gain easy access, and can also keep ticket stubs and cash out of public reach.
Brass lighted hostess hostess stands In addition to the configurations mentioned above, are there other features to consider?
  • Construction and finish is important. Hospitality podiums come in steel, aluminum and acrylic, brass and chrome, melamine with laminate finish, MDF with hardwood veneer, white MRC, black, cherry and dark cherry, mahogany and red mahogany, and maple.
  • Look for extras like chrome handles and caster wheels to help maneuver the units in large venues in a timely manner so you can stay on task and on schedule
  • Umbrella holders are another great addition when working outside where it might rain with no warning; secure compartments for tips, tickets and cash always come in handy, as well as marked hooks for key storage
  • Some lecterns have cable cutouts for laptop, microphone, and PA system cords to keep the area clutter free yet functional while in use.
  • If customer service hires will be using a computer, make sure their work area is outfitted with a keyboard tray, and slide-out laptop shelf (slide it in when not in use for a smaller footprint.)
  • Convertible pulpits allow the user to unscrew the top from the middle for placement on a tabletop, and easy portability.
  • Book stops keep reservation books, notes, and menus from slipping off the unit and onto the floor, and most of our units have them.

Provide customers with visual anchorage once they enter an establishment using podiums with a purpose. Whether sleek and streamlined, or fully functional as a workstation, this multifunctional reception furniture is solidly built and thoughtfully designed. Most of the units have a slanted reading surface that allows for comfort while filling out seating charts and greeting guests. Lectern styles vary in style from simple and casual, to sleek and upscale. Whether designed as a single-person base area for greeting and directing customers, or for supporting multiple hospitality activities throughout the day, these hostess and workstations are must-haves in any restaurant or cafe, and can be used as check-in counters or speaking stands in school or hospital seminar rooms, museums, and convention centers. Slide-in shelves for projectors and PA equipment makes these stands multi-functional. Several wireless options with chargable batteries will allow you to notify your guests without leaving your workstation. Hostesses can walk around assisting staff and customers while maintaining the ability to chat with and seat guests.

When shopping for commercial grade fixtures for your establishment, be sure to remember your entry way! It’s the first point of contact for visitors, and the right stand can help make the greeting and seating process seamless. Remember to browse our extensive line of acrylic, steel, melamine and MDF reception furniture with wood grain finish at Enjoy prompt delivery and timely shipping for all in-stock items. Invest in a statement-making podium, or buy a bunch for a chain of restaurants or hotels - and enjoy wholesale pricing! Solid construction with a durable scratch-resistant finish, and thoughtful, eye-catching styling sets us apart from the crowd.