Pop Up Display Stands Feature a Curved Design

Curved Fabric Pop Up Display Stands w/ Touch Fastener Backing & Bright Lighting

portable displaysThese pop up display stands offer a great alternative to traditional tradeshow exhibition fixtures. The curved exhibits featured here are ideal for vendors who attend shows throughout the year. Are you looking for pop display stands that are easy to set up and can be customized quickly? Then these curved exhibit backdrops are the solution. Pop up display stands, also known as expo systems, are lightweight, collapsible, and set up within minutes. These exhibition graphics systems are covered with hook & loop-receptive fabric so that customizing your backdrop is simple. Personalize your pop up display stands with literature holders, sign frames, and other exhibit accessories. Most of these folding exhibitions come with halogen lights, and are offered with and without a customized header. The pop up display stands offered here are offered in various colors such as; blue, black and gray. Additionally, shoppers can choose from 8 ft. or 10 ft. units in most of the styles sold here. All of these pop up display stands include a carrying case, and in some instances the case can be used as a presentation podium within your booth. The portable units with an included header give your area more exposure by showing your company name or slogan in large text above the crowd. These pop up display stands that feature a header is offered with several text color choices. Graphics and complicated designs are not recommended for the vinyl headers. Use these pop up display stands to showcase marketing signage, large graphics, take-one brochures and much more. The basic colors offered for these exhibition systems allow vendors to use them for practically any type of event.

portable displaysUnlike traditional pop up display stands, these fabric exhibit backdrops pack into a carrying case for ease of transportation and storage. Assembly of these curved hook & pile backdrops is quite simple. Each pop up display stand consists of a metal frame and several fabric panels. The panels have magnetic strips permanently affixed to the back side. Also included with the pop up display stand are several magnetic channel bars that attach to the metal framing. Once the magnets are in place on the frame simply attach the panels onto the framing, and attach your graphics and other accessories to the panels. It's that simple! This pop up display stand can be assembled by one person in approximately 10 minutes. All of the pieces for these fabric exhibits fit nicely into the storage container, which helps to protect and preserve the unit when not in use.

    Can this pop up display stand be assembled by one person?
  • Many of these exhibitions can be erected by one person, however some of the larger units may require an assistant.
  • All of the pop up display stand units shown here require no additional tools or supplies to put together.
  • For any questions regarding any of these exhibition accessories, or graphics systems, please contact a member of our support staff.
    What limitations are there with this pop up display stand in regards to the custom header?
  • This exhibit booth is offered with custom vinyl text in many different colors.
  • This pop up display stand that has custom headings is offered only in one font style.
  • This fabric exhibit is available with text only headers; no graphics or intricate logos.

portable displaysThese curved units provide a huge area to showcase promotional graphics and other marketing materials for potential customers to look at, and browse through at a tradeshow or convention. Despite the large size of these fixtures, they are fairly lightweight and can be re-positioned by one person. The top of the frame is designed such that a spotlight or other accessory can be clipped on. These curved exhibitions, much like banner displays are very stable. There are metal feet hidden behind the fabric that helps prevent the unit from tipping. The convertible carry case, where applicable, also has a snap-on fabric skirt that can also be used to showcase enticing signage, or attach a literature holder to allow passersby to take reading materials regarding your goods and services.

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