Pop Up Display Systems - Ideal for Trade Shows

Trade Show Pop Up Display Systems w/ Transporting Case & Additional Options

portable show displaysHave you been looking for pop up display systems to use at your next trade show? Do you need an 8' or 10' fabric backdrop that can be used as an exhibit for promotional signage and other accessories? These pop up display systems are the solution to all of your portable trade show booth needs. Featuring three color choices and two different sizes, these hook & loop fabric booths can satisfy a wide range of needs for businesses that regularly attend trade shows and large conventions. Many of the pop up display systems for sale here are sold with or without a custom text header. The header allows businesses a large area to advertise a company name or slogan. These pop up display systems that include a header typically ship within four business days. There are several colors offered for the text, and one standard font. The pop displays are rather wide, however less words means larger text. Companies should try to keep the number of words to a minimum so that the message can be read from across a crowded trade show floor. Some of these pop up display systems also include a carrying case that doubles as a presentation counter. This hard plastic container is the perfect height to place products, or literature on, as well as provides an area to interact with potential clients. Included with the portable podium is a snap-on fabric skirt that can also be used to display promotional signs and brochures.

portable show displaysThe pop up display systems with fabric panels sold here, are simple to assemble and disassemble. A complete set of instructions are included, as well as a page of visual aids are listed on this site. These pop up display systems have an accordion-like metal frame that practically "pops" up by itself. There are either magnetic connectors or metal hooks that hold the frame in place. There are magnetic bars that attach to the framing of these pop up display systems that allow the fabric panels to hang on the unit. Typically there are either 3 or 4 panels that attach to the frame with magnetic strips permanently sewn on the back. The pop up display systems shown here all feature large metal "feet" that keep the units stable, and help to prevent tipping.

    On average, how long does it take to set up these pop up display systems?
  • These folding trade show exhibits typically take less than 10 minutes to assemble.
  • Some of the larger pop up display systems, as well as the units with a header may require some assistance from another person for safety.
  • For questions regarding any of these portable exhibition booths contact a support staff member.
    Do these pop up display systems have any weight restrictions in regards to the accessories that can be attached to these units?
  • Although these portable exhibition booths don't have a rating as far as weight is concerned they aren't intended to hold substantially large accessories.
  • These pop up display systems can hold sign frames, brochure pockets and other lightweight merchandise.
  • Users should perform a test item under close observation before attempting to mount any item of a questionable weight.

portable show displaysPortability and flexibility are two very important characteristics that trade show vendors look for when purchasing equipment and supplies for their booths. These fabric exhibition booths are highly portable, and can be configured with many different accessories to meet the needs of a themed meeting, or convention. The hook & loop-receptive fabric provides a huge area to showcase any type of marketing or advertisement materials. Custom printed booths can sometimes be limiting; only displaying a single theme or image. These portable exhibitions provide a blank "canvass" that can be customized for the event at hand. Use these lightweight booths in conjunction with the plethora of other tradeshow supplies for sale here to design a successful exhibit to showcase your companies goods and services at public conventions.

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