Multi TV Floor Stand Can Hold 2 or More Flat Screen Monitors

Choose a Dual Monitor Stand for Advertising Products & Services

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Displays for television screens come in all shapes and sizes, for a variety of diverse purposes. There are many things to consider when purchasing your LCD display. How many different types of TV floor stands can there be, one might ask. With various industries needing to display dynamic signage and electronic advertisements, additional flat screen mounts are created to meet these needs. This dual monitor stand selection is perfect for busy events where users need to display multiple screens!

Which TV floor stand is right for your business?
  • Where will the TV floor stand ultimately be placed?
    • Is the unit going to be positioned on a counter or desk?
    • If no counter space is available, will a TV floor stand or wall mount unit be needed?
  • How many plasma television screens need to be presented on the unit? There is a vast selection of single and dual monitor stands available.
  • Does the TV floor stand need to be portable or mobile, and include wheels?
  • Will a shelf or desk-like surface, attached to the unit, be necessary for everyday use?

Once the answers to these questions are determined, customers can use this selection of tall TV floor stands to choose the model that best suits their flat panel television display needs. Television racks for trade shows, retail stores and shopping malls, as well as various other indoor arenas can all be found in this online selection. This particular category features TV floor stands for dual monitors or multiple flat screens. Each unit includes the necessary mounts to create a multi-panel display.

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A TV floor stand for trade show use, also called a dual monitor stand, requires additional features that most other locations do not have to take into account. Tradeshow exhibitors are always on the go, traveling from one event to another. One of the biggest features their TV floor stand with multiple flat panel mounts needs to have is portability. Each television rack ships in a carrying case or portable bag, which holds all of the necessary components of each unit. These multi LCD, TV floor stands come in a variety of styles and sizes. However, the most common style, and biggest seller, is models with a truss-like design. A truss TV floor stand assembles with no tools required, an ideal feature for exhibitors on the go. These models ship in just a few separate pieces that simply twist together, dismissingthe need for bulky tools. Each flat panel display, TV floor stand with multiple mounts is also made from aluminum, enabling users to easily move them from location to location.

Some of these plasma television racks for multiple flat screen monitors also come with one shelf or multiple shelves. These particular units are ideal for use in retail locations, or trade shows as well. The shelves are usually used to display product samples or promotional information. This type of fixture also allows interaction between customers and store clerks or exhibitors. The multiple television screens on these models can be used to play promotional videos and advertisements, to lure potential buyers into checking out the products or services being advertised.

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These premier, multi television displays each come with two or more LCD monitor mounts. Some of the models come with two mounts mounted to one side of the upright pole, which can be height adjusted. This type of unit is ideal for use in restaurant or other business locations needing to display multiple signs or electronic advertisements at once. Other models in this category feature plasma mounts on the front and backside of the fixture. This double-sided design enables users to capture the attention of patrons and onlookers from multiple directions.

Additional fixtures in this category include one or more literature shelves. This particular feature is ideal for locations needing to distribute promotional, printed materials. Retail stores, such as salons and spas, often use this type of plasma display fixture to hand out leaflets, with information regarding the products and services they have available. Trade show exhibitors utilize these units to present catalogs with their latest line of products.

Portable plasma displays, which can be found in this online selection, are also ideal for a variety of businesses. Models in this category include wheels for portability. This enables store clerks and exhibition workers to easily move the LCD rack to a new location with ease. These premier fixtures usually include locking wheels as well. Once the unit is in place, simply lock the wheels to prevent the rack from being moved.

With so many television display fixtures to choose from, why buy from this online source?
  • Many styles are offered, to bring customers one of the most comprehensive selections found anywhere.
  • Each offered item is affordably priced to meet the budget needs of any business, small or large.
  • Most of the fixtures are stocked by the hundreds, in an effort to offer some of the shortest shipping lead times found on the web.

This particular selection of flat panel racks is comprised of floorstanding fixtures only. However, this online catalog includes hundreds of other television displays and solutions, including wall, ceiling and counter/desktop mounts as well. Flat panel racks with only one bracket are also included in this selection as well. Most of the offered models ship out quickly when in stock, like other displays offered by this trusted wholesaler. These premier, flat screen fixtures are also affordably priced, to fit the budget requirements of any business!

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