Panoramic Frames For Framing Extra-Wide Pictures, Photographs, Signs & Prints

Long Rectangle Frames for Panoramic Art, Stadium Prints, City Skyline Pictures or Signage

panoramic frames

Looking for affordable panoramic frames for commercial photographic prints, business messaging, dynamic visual artwork, or personal photos? In some cases, custom framing for landscapes, stadium pictures, cityscapes, and wide-format can easily exceed the price of the graphic itself. Displays2go offers a large and diverse selection of ready made panoramic frames in styles to match any commercial, institutional, or residential need. Unlike custom framing, our ready-to-hang panorama poster displays take only moments to insert graphics or photographs before use. Elegant finish colors, attached tabletop display or hanging hardware, and acrylic or glass lenses make these high-visibility fixtures stand out in any environment. Our professional quality panoramic frames for extra-wide photographs, prints, or artwork are available in a full range of standard sizes designed to accommodate commercially produced posters, signs, and prints as well as printed photos from cameras or cellphones.

This panorama exhibit can be purchased in a wall mounting or a table top style. These panoramic frames feature magnetic connectors to secure your picture, print, or sign. Silver standoffs accent the wall mountable version of this landscape oriented holder. The panoramic frames in the counter top style features a solid acrylic box design. Both designs of this frameless print holder give the image a floating appearance.

Buy a panoramic frame at a great price from Displays2Go. These affordable image holders make great gifts! This panoramic frame can also be used to display multiple prints to tell a story. These clear acrylic displays give any setting a modern touch. Use this panoramic frame to showcase memories of important events. This extra wide acrylic panel is ideal for commercial or home use. This panoramic frame can display building directories or restaurant menus in a reader friendly format. A versatile display solution, this signage holder has a multitude of uses.

What types of graphics look best in panorama framing?
  • Use panoramic frames to display a company logo in the entrance of the building.
  • Showcase fish eye camera lens photography.
  • Post informational signage in a lobby of a restaurant or office complex.
  • Create multi-photo collages from family photos.

panoramic frameThis art poster frame has an endless list of uses. Another way to utilize this photography display is to showcase a series of documents. This restaurant menu display, extra wide frames can be used to neatly present information to customers to be viewed upon entering any establishment. These long acrylic display panels allow you to change out the documents on a daily basis. These acrylic and wooden frames, and other wide angle camera lens photography holders, is crafted from quality materials for years of use.

This modern frameless display will blend into the background of any décor. The counter top style can display landscape or portrait oriented pictures and measures either 4” x 10” or 6” x 14”. Wall mounted versions of these panorama holders are available in either a landscape or portrait configuration. The wall mountable version is available in sizes from as small as 11” x 8.5” to as large as 40” x 13.5”.

panoramic frameThese sign holders for panoramas and company logos are an affordable alternative to traditional company signage. This photography display is designed to make changing a sign a quick and easy task. Project a professional image without wasting money on permanent fixtures or engraved nameplates with this re-usable alternative. The wall mounted version of this business signage holder has a top loading design that allows the user to change out the poster without dis-mounting the unit. The desk top version has magnetic connectors that are easy to pull apart when the internal message needs to be changed. Use these magnetic name holders instead of expensive engraved name plates that cannot be re-used.