Convertible Hand Trucks for Tradeshows and Exhibitions

Convertible Hand Trucks for Moving Trade Show Equipment & Accessories

Convertible hand trucks are a necessity for both tradeshow exhibitors and attendees. What mobile solution is the right choice to haul all of the required booth components, supplies and equipment? An all-purpose convertible hand truck makes assembly and breakdown of exhibition booths easier. A portable trolley allows space to be transformed even in the midst of the show if integrated into the overall design. A stationary pushcart, convertible hand truck with locking casters can even be used as a fixture or display. Some businesses have more than one booth at an exhibition, so moving materials between them can be a challenge without a mobile option. A convertible hand truck is also useful for bringing food and drinks into an exhibit space for customer-appreciation events after show hours. Basically every function where loads need to be moved, stored or displayed, some style of a portable dolly will be required.

Transport CartsConvertible hand trucks that are for tradeshows can also be used at the home location for additional functions beyond what is required at a tradeshow. The same qualities that make these mobile solutions handy on the show floor allow supplies or inventory to be distributed, goods to be stored or equipment to be moved in a permanent business site. These service trollies and other convertible hand trucks can either be used exclusively in the back room or a clean and simple design can blend into front of the house operations as well. A dolly that is adaptable and small enough to be ideal for a tradeshow, can also be great for companies that don’t have a lot of storage space or a will need to use the cart for a variety of jobs.

    What material construction is the best choice for a convertible hand truck?
  • Steel, plastic and wire are some of the most common materials for a multi-use adjustable dolly. Some material handling carts are a mixture of materials, including metal and plastic and wire and plastic. The type of material chosen depends mostly on the desired price point, functionality and durability expected from the mobile unit.
  • A transport cart that is durable is a steel version. A steel material handling cart can hold up under heavy loads. The metal carts are also not as susceptible to gouging and breakage as plastic convertible hand trucks. On the other hand, the weight of the material make steel versions heavier to push, and sometimes bulkier to steer. If the portable carts are not stainless steel, rusting is also a consideration.
  • Plastic trollies are usually the cheapest and lightest material choice. A portable material handling cart that is plastic is often used in foodservice and food retail operations where water and ease of cleaning are factors. A plastic trolley can also be made with many types of plastic, often including polypropylene, which have different heat tolerances, durability.
  • Wire convertible hand trucks are more durable than plastic, but less durable than steel. These carts and trollies will usually bend easier than steel, but are less likely to dent. A wire stock dolly, material handling cart is ideal for retail applications where a heavy steel cart would take up too much space and be too heavy to push.
  • Mixed material pushcarts are used in a wide variety of commercial applications. Convertible hand trucks and other utility carts made of plastic and aluminum are used to bus tables in restaurants or move inventory to the front of the house in retail operations. The mix of plastic for light weight and metal for structure support provides a good compromise for many end users.
Transport Carts
    What other features are important when choosing a convertible hand truck?
  • Casters are a very important feature of utility carts. Weight capacity of convertible hand trucks that are heavy duty is most often determined by the type of caster. Also, casters determine whether a pushcart can be used indoors only or outdoors as well as indoors. Locking casters increase the safety and functionality of convertible hand trucks too.
  • Some trolley versions can adjust into a platform dolly, and U-boat and more. Convertible hand trucks that transform are a good choice to get more functionality for less money. These multi-purpose solutions also don’t take up as much storage space as all the different varieties would require. Some of these convertible hand trucks are easier to adjust than others. Also, most adjustable pushcarts are metal, so material choices could be limited. An adjustable material handling cart that is transformed into different styles on a regular basis needs to be made of an extremely tough material to withstand all of the required handling.
  • Shelf or platform size and construction are very important dolly or cart considerations. If the convertible hand truck will be used in a minimal space or storage area is at a premium, a smaller shelf size is better. If large, heavy loads will be the carts main function, then a large platform is the best option. When liquids might spill or materials will often be loaded right up to the confines of the shelf, a portable material handling cart with lipped shelves is essential. Clearance restrictions between the shelves of the portable dolly should be factored into the decision based on the height of the most common items that will be moved.
  • Sides are another option to consider when choosing the optimal convertible hand truck. Many pushcarts offer removable sides, so they are available if needed. If the material handling cart will used to move fragile items or valuable merchandise that shouldn’t be openly displayed to the public at large, sides offer protection. Sides can also be helpful in providing a cleaner appearance if unsightly items are being moved or stored on the adjustable dolly.

Transport CartsA pushcart is an important tool for exhibitors at shows in any industry. Whether used for moving or storing, a mobile solution is a key piece of equipment before, during and after the event. The right adjustable dolly can solve all the unique material handling challenges faced by both exhibitors and attendees. Wheeled carts are also a professional asset at the home office and beyond.

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