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Pub Table Sets with 360° Rotation and Height Adjustability

pub table set in black

Pub Chair and Table Sets — Ergonomic, Height-Adjustable Designs

What makes these bar stools and tables so versatile? Our pub table sets are jammed packed with features that are conducive to a variety of commercial settings. Beginning with the obvious - restaurants and bars, this bistro furniture is among the most stylish offered. This line of seating blends classic and modern style elements for a sophisticated result. Our selection combines ergonomics with aesthetics and durability. Quality construction materials render these fixtures perfect for commercial environments with high foot traffic. Unlike conventional glass tables that gather dust and show moisture rings, these bar stools and table surfaces maintain their beauty and are virtually maintenance-free. Our pub table sets are constructed of materials that stand up superbly to wear and tear. All of these bar tables and stools have a compact imprint that works well tight trade show booth spaces, or at a cramped retail counter, or in a tiny apartment kitchen. Sleek and statement-making bar stools and tables are sophisticated to be sure, but they are also understated so the tone reads: professional and elegant.

What features set this collection of bar stools and tables apart from standard bar seating?
  • Affordability: Our pub table sets are visually striking, with high-end styling rarely seen at this price point. With a narrow footprint, this chic line has a lot of functionality, but it’s the retro appearance that catches attention initially.
  • Resilience: Our modern dining room and bar furniture is durable in a way you wouldn’t expect from such sleek, elegant bistro sets. Constructed of ABS, plastic, MDF, wood, acrylic, and plush leatherette upholstery, the wide variety of options suits any décor. Our highboys resist scratches and manage to look new year after year.
  • Comfort: The functionality of these stools and tables is as top notch as their styling. Give your customers a comfortable, ergonomically healthy experience with this modern bar seating. Some of our chairs have a footrest to encourage circulation after hours of sitting. Low backrests provide just enough support to make evening cocktails taste better! Seats with 360° movement enhance socializing opportunities. Most of our featured chairs are equipped with a pneumatic life that allows height adjustment right from your seat.
Bar stool and table with gas lift What’s the best placement for these modern bistro sets?
  • Cafes, bars, and restaurants are where you’ll typically see upscale seating such as this. From diners, to high-end eating establishments, this furniture was made for relaxing.
  • Exhibits and trade shows often have conversation spaces marked out on the convention room floor so guests can get more personalized service, fill out forms, or observe product demonstrations.
  • Why should offices be boring? People spend more time there than they do at home! These sets make any professional environment look fresh and up to date. try our acrylic stackable bar furniture with four stools and a cocktail table. Buy several sets and place them throughout a building to encourage brainstorming and collaboration across departments, enhancing the decor at the same time!
  • This bistro set is not just for commercial use. Who wouldn't also want these fixtures in their kitchen or family room? Event planners use stylish contemporary furniture to outfit a wedding reception room adjacent to the dance floor or around a bar. The taller height of these chairs and tables enable guests to stand and chat comfortably with seated guests, making it easy to mingle.
  • Retail showrooms create conversation spaces so customers can learn about products, whether they’re selling technology or makeup. The high-tech look featured here has a broad appeal - yet it still has that cutting-edge, just-launched look.

This dining room and small eatery seating put a modern spin on conventional bistro sets by taking us back to the mid-century for inspiration. The look is so polished and poised that few people won’t be tempted to buy the bistro tablet and chair sets for home entertainment and parties. Available in groupings of two stools or four, this furniture creates the real-time conversations missing in a digitally-driven world. Remember when “chat” meant “talk in person”? This seating encourages just that.

Shop our collection of contemporary bar chairs and matching tabletops at Displays2Go, and find out why our customers say they wish they could give us 10 stars for fast shipping, prompt delivery, and friendly and informed service! If you’re amazed that restaurant furniture that looks this high end could be sold for the prices you see here - we understand! Want to be even more wowed by our prices? Order in bulk for a chain of bars, restaurants, trade show exhibits, or hotel lobbies and enjoy wholesale pricing.