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Pub Table Sets

These pub table sets have modern designs. The various dining furniture pieces seen within this category feature quality made sophisticated and stylish collections that make a bold statement in any setting. The tabletops are tall, narrow fixtures designed for function and taste. Round countertops are trendy in the furniture market and there are plenty to choose from at an economical price! The high top stools are great especially when matched with each pedestal to create a set that will charm friends, family, guests, and customers. The chairs are made of various materials, each of them crafted with an impressive ergonomic design. The seats feature their own unique curvatures, back rests, and foot rests to support posture and create a relaxing lounge. Most of the round counter height dinettes seen on this site are fully adjustable. With the ability to rotate 360° and the option of height adjustment, these collections have a variety of display options for whatever the location. Do your round pub table sets look outdated and worn-out from wear and tear? Are associates tired of running to the cleaning cabinet to remove a glass ring from the countertop before it seeps in? Worry no more! These high top table sets, and other pub table sets found in this category, are constructed of sturdy materials for a long-lasting collection. Whether these fixtures are made of various plastics, leatherettes, or glasses, they are all designed for resilience! The tops are constructed of carefully selected materials to ensure that scratches, dents, and water damage are worries of the past. No more distressing over coasters and cleaning up tough grime. The manufacturers of these tabletops and bar stools carefully planned tablescapes and coordinating lounge chairs to make dining casual and comfortable. As more and more individuals are moving into smaller spaces, the need for furniture with a compact footprint emerged. These modern high top table sets are sleek fixtures designed for small rooms and spaces, such as trade show booths, while maintaining the function of a dining tabletop.

What are some features of these high top table sets?
  • These pub table sets are contemporary in design and classic in appeal making them ideal collections for a variety of settings.
  • Most of the pedestal tops can rotate 360° and are height adjustable from counter to bar height.
  • All of the stools can swivel 360° and are height adjustable to coincide with their partnering countertop.
  • Individual components are constructed of durable material for an ergonomic design, emphasizing comfort and flare.
  • All of the collections are lightweight so they can be moved around a room or transport to venues.
  • There are plenty of color options to choose from including black, white, silver, wood, and glass to match with different room d├ęcor.
  • Each piece of the set is available to purchase separately on this site to mix and match collections.
Dinette Collections Where are these round tabletop arrangements used?
  • A residential home for family dining and socializing.
  • A retail store at makeup counters.
  • A restaurant, bar, or bistro for a two-top table.
  • A trade show for displaying company products and information such as brochures.
  • A conference for meetings and networking.
  • A special event, such as a wedding, for optional standing or sitting to mingle and dine.

The pub table furniture found in this category includes versatile fixtures for a wide range of locations. These collections have a diverse neutral, conforming style that can be used domestically or commercially. The Contemporary furniture can help you feel warm and cozy in your home. Also, impressing friends and family with up-to-date furnishings can feel great. In a dining room, kitchen, or breakfast nook, these 3 piece arrangements will transform a drab room into a modernistic space for entertaining and relaxing. On the other hand, these dining high top table sets will look great in the window of a bistro as well. Walking by, customers will see an innovative dining set and feel the warmth of the ambiance throughout the restaurant. Date night will be revolutionized in the establishment as these arrangements will sit two patrons! This pub table furniture is also commonly used for special events and functions. At a wedding, this furniture allows enough room for guests to socialize while providing the option of sitting down as well. At trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, conferences, and the like, you can easily ring guests and customers into your booth with these collections. Display brochures, water, products, and more on these table set collections to invite people in and keep them there with the cozy bar stools to sit down on! There are so many alternatives with this dining furniture, making them the best choice for business needs. Purchase these trade show accessories as a three piece set or buy them individually to mix and match your own collection.

Furniture Collections

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