Tablet & iPad Charging Stations – Mobile & Locking

Tablet & iPad Charging Stations - Locking Security & Multiple USB Ports or Electric Outlets

With the emergence of tablet use in classrooms, town halls, and business meetings, the importance of securely storing and powering large groups of iPads is growing. With an iPad charging station, users can store and charge up to 36 tablets, laptops, or Chromebooks at once. All laptop carts feature built-in power strips that easily charge multiple devices at once. Just place the multiple iPads in the cabinets’ interior slots and shelves, and then plug them in to charge. Designed to keep your equipment organized and protected, this style of iPad charging station also includes locking wheels for mobility. Easily wheel this mobile tablet cart between classrooms or offices to distribute interactive devices. Most iPad charging carts even feature ergonomic push handles and flat tops for holding sign-out clipboards or text books. When done using the tabs, simply lock the swinging doors of the cabinet to protect the valuable technology inside. For touch screen devices that are not shared with other groups or rooms, try a multiple iPad charging station that sits on desktops or even attaches to walls.

What types of devices are compatible?
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Chromebooks
  • Ultrabooks

By using a tablet charging station to provide an entire group of students with tablets, laptops or Chromebooks, teachers can be much more creative with lesson plans. These instructors can finally feel free to try out different apps and visual aids to guide lessons! Teachers can also create slideshows to play on the tablet to accompany a lesson plan, thereby helping students that are visual learners. So why is the tablet cart so important to this style of teaching and learning? While many schools now provide iPads to students, the devices can still be a pain to transfer from classroom to classroom. Additionally, keeping them fully charged is important but takes some time. Use these Luxor and Bretford charging cabinets to transport and charge tablets between uses, making them all the more accessible to teachers and staff! Schools are not the only place to benefit from these high tech storage cabinets. You’ll likely find a tablet charging station in a hospital, business office, government building, and medical lab these days.