Art Display Panels - Wire Grid Configurations

Art Display Panels are Great for Curators Set Up Exhibits at Trade Shows and Museums

Art Display Panels with Mesh Wire

These art display panels are great for trade shows, museums and art galleries. Wire grid panels are perfect for setting up quickly and efficiently. The lightweight design makes them easy to fold up and store away when not in use. Different base configurations make it simple to set up and take down. Use specially designed hooks to hang artwork on these panels. We've combined different amounts of panels and bases in different setups, however customers can also piece together displays on their own. Set up square shapes or "X" and "Y" shaped grids to get the most out of the available space.

Picture hanging hooks are ideal for displaying most frames and types of artwork. The gridwall accessories are also completely compatible with these displays. Add on baskets, merchandising rails and sign toppers. Accessorizing is a great way to use up as much space as possible. Use baskets for informational pamphlets or free merchandise. These displays don't only have to be used for art, they can also be used to sell merchandise. Use waterfall hooks for clothing items and baskets for other merchandise.

Artwork Grid Showcase with Feet

Who commonly uses art grid panels? These displays are often used by curators and trade show vendors. These panels are incredibly lightweight and break down into individual panels. Conserve space when packing for venues by placing panels one on top of the other. Art show coordinators often keep these panels in storage so when a special event is coming up they can be taken out to accomodate extra artwork. Temporary or traveling exhibits often use these displays as well to make things easier on themselves when setting up or taking down a display.

Craft Fair Rack with Silver Finish

Grid style art panels offer a few distinct advantages over the hook & loop-receptive or regular board style displays. The grid is much lighter weight, making transport much more simple. The metal design is also much more durable than temporary stick-on designs or other units made from less rigid materials. After many uses boards can get scratched up and touch fasteners can start to lose their grip. That's simply not the case with the metal wire panels. These rugged and durable displays will not scratch or ding like many other panels. Many displays would require users to throw away the entire display if just one panel gets noticeably scratched.

Customization makes it easy to add more panels to any setup. Panels and footing can be purchased individually to add onto configurations that are no longer large enough to accomodate all the artwork. The beauty of the larger configurations is that panels can be taken off when the exhibit will not require the entire setup.