Etagere Store Fixtures with Open Display Shelves

Etageres and Accent Furniture for Boutiques, Department Stores and Home

Etagere Bookcases with Open Shelving

Add some individuality to your retail floor with an etagere. Characterized by their open concept shelving, these contemporary store fixtures are a twist on the standard retail shelf unit. The open sides allow customers to easily browse and grab merchandise. Available in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and style, etageres can be used in a range of settings - including bookstores, boutiques, spas, salons, and modern offices.

Etagere, also spelled étagère, is a French translation for “shelf.” This style of freestanding, open shelves for the display of decorative items became widely popular in the late 18th century. Now, more than 200 years later, these open style bookshelves are making a comeback.

Etageres are equal parts display shelving and accent furniture. They’re typically more chic and attractive than standard bookcases or retail shelves. Etagere displays can group together collections of merchandise into a stunning showcase. Display picture frames, accessories, decorative accents, sculptures, and other art pieces. For those looking to reinforce their business’s brand or theme, a well-chosen etagere can do wonders for your store’s aesthetic.

Despite their decorative function, etagere bookcases are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Bookshelves in a bookstore,
  • Clothing and garment displays in a boutique,
  • End tables paired with other living room furniture,
  • Room divider in a contemporary hotel lobby or office waiting room, and
  • Freestanding fixture for displaying any store merchandise.

From antique to industrial to modern to rustic, etageres come in countless styles. Select from a myriad of open concept display shelves in curved, tiered, ladder, and a-frame styles. They’re also available in wood, metal, and glass to easily complement your existing décor and furniture. At Displays2go, we offer a growing selection of etageres for retail, office, and residential settings.