Raffle Drums for Carnivals, Sweepstakes, & Charity Events

Raffle Drums, Tumblers & Ticket Holders are Ideal for Charity Events & Bingo Games

Raffle Ticket TumblerLooking for an exciting way to pick winners for a contest or sweepstakes? These raffle drums, also known as ticket tumblers, are ideal tools for running large scale promotions. Town and meeting halls can greatly benefit from these raffle tumblers, especially when running events like Jack and Jill’s or Baby Showers. Schools can use this raffle drum for 50/50 raffles or other fun prize drawings. This site features a variety of different style raffle ticket tumblers including, brass and acrylic. The acrylic see-through drums have the advantage of the visual appeal of seeing the tickets as the cage is spinning. Both larger and small raffle drums are available to meet the needs of any customers. Hosting a charity casino night? Give away raffle entries as casino chips and have participants enter them in the drum for a giveaway at the end of the night!

Brass and acrylic drums offer purchasers different options The raffle drum product line includes models fabricated from perforated metal (so you can still see tickets inside) and clear acrylic. All models rotate quickly, allowing random mixing of customers' entry forms, tickets, and other types of ballots. These spinning drums are great even in the office environment for quick impromptu employee prizes and contests. Optimal for use in contests, fundraisers, sweepstakes and even bingo, you will get the most out of these displays! Use this tumbler if you are hosting an election or party, or are gathering entries for a drawing, or for drawing tickets, then a rotating raffle drum may be just what you need. With this spinning drum, these raffle supply products serve as collection containers for tickets, entries and ballots. Each acrylic raffle drum rotates on a stationary stand to ensure quick and random mixing of your tickets. These drawing rotators, spinning drums are optimal for carnivals, office parties, school functions and sporting events.

What are some popular places to use these ticket tumblers?

  • Event halls use them for showers and Jack and Jills.
  • Carnivals give away prizes these raffle drums.
  • Rally a crowd at trade shows by hosting prize giveaways.
  • Custom bingo game setups. Create larger hand drawn bingo balls to use with the large drums.

Acrylic Bingo Drum.Build up excitement in drawings with bingo drums! We offer these drawing boxes including a loading door with a slot large enough for entering tickets, and rotating handle that you can quickly turn to mix up entries. Contestants will watch in anticipation as tickets pile up inside! All of our rotating bingo drums and other bingo cages are made from quality materials to last for many events to come. We sell our displays in a variety of options to make sure there is one that is ideal for your event.

There are a variety of different ways and settings that these displays can be used in. Try using ticket tumblers in the classroom as a sort of reward system. Give students a ticket for every good deed or for solving a problem, and allow them to put that ticket in the tumbler. Spin it and draw a name to win a special prize for the month. A little incentive for students to behave can go a long way. Most of these bingo cages can hold upwards of 4,000 tickets, making them useful for even the largest events. Carnivals, fairs and conventions can use these for random drawings. The brass design of these displays has a flashy appeal that is hard to match. These stands are lightweight and easy to move from one location to another. The largest wheel only weighs 8-1/2 pounds! Mobile drums are also offered to easily maneuver these displays to a new area. Locking casters allow the raffle bin to remain stationary or be completely mobile. Many of these containers also feature a “locking pin” to keep the display from rotating when not in use.

Other trade show accessories are available that can really improve advertising and brand recognition. Prize drop game boards, bingo games and prize wheels are a great way to reel in a crowd with the loud and exciting noises these displays make. A large crowd in front of any booth is always good for business and can help draw in more people. Customers will associate the positive feeling of winning with your brand and will take that feeling away from the trade show.