Trade Show Cases for Protection & Storage

Trade Show Cases for Banners, Monitors, & Other Expo Displays

Portant Banner CaseAre your custom graphics and other exhibits getting banged-up during transit from show to show? Do you need a trade show case to keep your equipment protected and organized in storage? Look no further. This trade show case is not only great for carrying items to an event, it is also ideal for keeping graphics and other valuable equipment protected when not in use. Shipping damage of your displays will not be a concern when packed in these rugged containers. Many of the trade show shipping case equipment feature wheels to allow for easy maneuvering. Some of these containers also feature extendable handles. Choose a trade show case with ATA style buckles or quick clip nylon straps. These reusable containers will not crush like cardboard boxes or totes. Use this trade show case to keep graphics and lighting organized in one central location during shipping and storage. Booth equipment will remain in great working order when protected in these shipping cases. All of the trade show case options offered here are made with quality materials that are durable and built to withstand years of use. Choose from wood or plastic outer shells, as well as shipping containers with or without foam lining. Exhibitors can also purchase this trade show case that converts to a portable presentation stand that can be used within a booth. This convertible shipping container comes with custom graphics as an option.

trade show shipping casesDo you need a trade show case that lays flat and takes up little space? There is an entire line of containers that are shallow and are intended for storing or carrying such items as; graphics, flooring tiles, portable lighting and other smaller booth accessories. These trade show cases feature wheels and adjusting straps to make transporting exhibits a breeze. When not in use this storage equipment can be hidden underneath a display table without taking up much space. For larger equipment there are trade show cases for sale here that are 3' x 4' that can hold a massive amount of exhibits. Many exhibitors buy several cheap plastic totes at a local department store to place all of their supplies in. These trade show cases feature metal wheels and a rugged exterior that will far-outlast even the best plastic totes. There are several options available here that will keep your booth equipment and graphics safe and secure during transit. No matter what trade show cases are purchased, exhibitors will quickly learn that these carrying containers are a must-have fixture for anyone that attends events on a regular basis.

    Are these trade show cases suitable for shipping purposes?
  • Although some of these carrying cases are suitable for shipping purposes, the majority of them are not A.T.A. rated.
  • There are trade show cases, also called shipping crates that are intended for the shipment of exhibit equipment and other booth supplies.
  • All of these containers are suitable for transporting and shipping equipment in a personal vehicle.
    Are these trade show shipping cases lined or protected internally?
  • Some of the carrying equipment offered here features foam lining for such items as TV monitors or other fragile accessories.
  • There are also some trade show cases offered here that are waterproof, keeping custom graphics safe from damage that could normally occur in storage.
  • For specific information regarding any of the booth exhibit supplies, contact a member of the call center staff, or read the product details page.

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