Acrylic Picture Frames & Lucite Photo Holders

Acrylic Picture Frames - Magnetic Frameless Photo Frames

Acrylic Magnet FrameWhat makes these acrylic frames better than others sold by online competitors? Magnet pictures displays, such as the ones seen here, are much more rugged than those crafted from glass or cheaper plastic materials. Comparable models crafted from cheap plastic or glass are more likely to break than these acrylic picture frames. If for some reason your photo holders should fall to the ground, the lucite construction is sure to endure such a tumble. This acrylic frame selection includes a wide variety of styles to choose from, including angled and lightbox models, holders with magnetic corners, and top-insert models as well.

Where and how are these acrylic picture frames often found used?
  • Acrylic photo frames are perfect for displaying magnet pictures of your family and friends within your home, such as on an end table, desk or book shelf.
  • Photo holders are great for giving as gifts for special occasions because they're made out of plexiglass and are designed to have your picture be the center of attention.
  • Acrylic magnet frames are also ideal for use within an office setting, so that users may bring a touch of home to their business environment.

Magnetic Acrylic Frame with Angled DesignAngled and light box displays can be used on a countertop surface. This design makes these acrylic magnetic photo frames ideal for placement on a desk within an office, or in a residential setting as well. The lightbox units can be used in retail or business settings as well, as your messages will be illuminated, attracting more attention from patrons and customers. The light boxes can also be mounted onto a wall, enabling users to free up desktop space. These particular acrylic magnetic frame models are easy to assemble, and have a unique angled design. Each photo holder features 4 through-standoffs, two shorter ones, and two longer ones. The two longer standoffs are what keep your frames upright when displayed on a desk or countertop. To change out photos, simply unscrew all four of the stand-offs, and separate the two pieces of acrylic. Next, sandwich your magnet pictures in between the lucite pieces, and insert standoffs into the acrylic magnetic frame. Once the stand-offs are screwed tightly together, your photo holder is ready to be displayed!

What makes this selection different from others found on the web?
  • Quantity price discounts are available, so the more acrylic magnet frames customers buy, the more money they save!
  • Most of these offerings are stocked by the hundreds, in an effort to offer customers some of the shortest shipping lead times found anywhere on the web. In most cases, if the acrylic magnet photo frame is in stock, simply place your order by 2PM Eastern Time US, and your order will ship out the very same day!
  • This website offers one of the most comprehensive selections online. With magnetic acrylic frames offered in a range of sizes, styles and designs, customers are sure to find the merchandise that will suit their needs.

Acrylic Magnetic Frame with Simple Slide-In Design

One of the most basic, and therefore universal, acrylic magnetic frames offered in this selection are those that hang by a magnet on a metal surface. These merchandise are designed for use on a refrigerator, filing cabinet or other type of surface. These acrylic magnet frames are primarily used on refrigerators, for displaying photos of your family members, friends and loved ones. These photo holders are great for displaying cute candid pictures or hanging children's artwork on a refrigerator. Some of the offerings in this category feature a framed border, providing a decorative touch to your display photos. Other acrylic magnetic picture frames in this selection feature a flexible sleeve design, which enables users to simply slide their photo into the sleeve. Some of the picture holders even accommodate 3 photos, for customers to display a series of prints at once!

Simple slide-in style displays are also offered in this category. These products do not feature magnetic sides or corners. Instead, users simply have to slide their photos into the frame. These photo display solutions are double sided, enabling users to display more than one picture at a time. Several sizes are offered to accommodate many different image sizes, including 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 8" x 10" and 8-1/2" x 11". These picture holders have a specific orientation, either landscape or portrait, depending on the photos to be displayed. This design is also ideal for use within a restaurant setting. In this type of environment, the photo frames can be used to display menu cards with dinner or drink specials as well.

For customers looking for more than just photo frames crafted from plexiglass or lucite plastic, the main picture holder category has an even broader selection to choose from. This category features displays crafted from wood and metal, and are sold in a variety of styles. Collage frames, decorative photo holders and more are all available with same day shipping, if ordered by 2PM Eastern Time US.