Counter Mats, Floor, & Register Mats w/ Custom Advertising

Counter & Register Mats w/ Poster Lens for Graphic Slide-Ins

These counter mats are an exciting advertising alternative to the traditional floor standing or wall mount sign holder. When strategically placed, these countertop mat fixtures will help to increase objects or service awareness. How can these counter mats help to increase sales? The answer is quite simple; place these promotional sign holders in places that shoppers are sure to notice: the service desk, and the checkout areas. Establishments such as bars, banks, and retail stores buy counter mats to use in lieu of big floor stands or wall signs that can quickly clutter-up an area. In addition, bars tend to change mats frequently, and the design of the merchandise featured here make changing promotional signage a snap. Banks use this counter mat to showcase the latest financial rates, or a giveaway that is being offered. On a similar note; fast food restaurants use these custom countertop mat sign holders to inform customers of a new menu item. Office workers like to place a picture or preferred print in these counter mats and use them as printed mouse pads. There are protective lens on all of the objects shown here that helps to keep the sign or picture free from dust or other contaminants.

sign counter matThe design of these counter mats vary slightly. The smaller 8.5 x 11 model features magnetic framing that keeps the countertop mat together. The top piece of the counter mat is a thin piece of plexi, while the bottom section is a hard black plastic with a non-skid bottom. This promotional sign holder features black edging that provides a nice frame like quality without sacrificing much of the viewable area. Customers can quickly make these custom counter mats by printing signs or other advertisements and framing them in one of these unique sign displays. Given the common size of this unit, (8.5 x 11), users can print signage and marketing ads right on a standard printer, no need to pay a print shop for custom work. Looking for much larger countertop mats? These sign displays feature the same magnetic lift-off design. To change-out promotional signage or prints simply lift the top non-glare lens off to change or replace the displayed print. The advertising counter mat really works well in most any retail environment. With the right slogan, or logo, these desk and tabletop displays will garner the attention of passersby, thereby leading to inquiries and possible increased sales.

sign mat for restaurantThe other style of countertop mats offered here is the slide-in model. Unlike the previously mentioned custom displays, these units are one single piece of foam like material with a non-glare lens. These countertop mats have an opening on one of the short sides to allow a custom sign or picture to be inserted. This 11 x 17 signage display features a non-skid back that ensures the unit stays in its intended place. Use this countertop mat at a checkout area for customers to write out checks or sign credit card receipts on top. Use this desktop advertising unit to display a custom logo or new goods being offered. For establishments that like to change mats frequently, these countertop mat displays are the perfect solution. Browse the full selection online.

Can these countertop mat displays be used as a mouse pad?
  • The smaller counter matts featured here are commonly used as mouse pads to hold a family picture or custom logo.
  • The countertop mat shown here features a covering to protect the displayed photo or sign.
  • For further information regarding the custom printed mat shown here contact a call center staff member.
Are any of these countertop sign mats waterproof?
  • Most of these countertop mat units can withstand a small spill but should not be completely submerged.
  • Bars and restaurants use a countertop mat like the merchandise shown here as promotional tools to advertise new drinks or specials.
  • These countertop mats can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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