Wall Display Cases & Curio Cabinets - Residential & Commercial

Wall Mounted Curio Display Cases w/ Shelves

These wall display cases are built with quality craftsmanship. A wall mounted glass cabinet is the ideal exhibit for your collectibles, curios, and memorabilia. Why do many retailers choose them over floor standing display cases? Wall mount cases offer a few distinct advantages over floor standing towers and retail sales counters. First, they free up floor space to put more items or give customers significantly more room to walk around. Wall cases are also child-proof. They feature locking glass and can be put higher up where they can't be reached by people who shouldn't be accessing it.

Different styles are available for different needs. Looking to display some items in your home? Then curio display cases are the ideal choice. Retailers and store owners may prefer a box or rectangular locking display. These prevent customers from accessing valuable items without employee supervision. Schools and town halls also use these displays as glass trophy cases to showcase student and citizen achievements.

What are some of the different styles of wall display cases available?
  • Angled Front - Angled front cases feature an aluminum frame and open view glass front. Contents can be viewed from all three sides.
  • Curio - These residential cabinets are great for china, doll collections and antiques. Match any dining room set with a nicely finished wooden cabinet.
  • Shot Glass Cabinets - The name says it all. These wall cases are meant specifically for showcasing shot glass collections.
  • Lighted - Lighted cases are available in box and curved front design. The differences are a matter of personal taste and preference. Lighting is a great way to showcase special collections and products.

Wall mounted displays are an ideal way to conserve space, while still showcasing merchandise or a prized collection. Many of these wall display cabinets come ready to mount, and all that needs to be done is insert the shelves. Wood and aluminum cases are available. Use the wood curio cabinets with an ornate design in residential or upscale settings, like a collectibles store. The aluminum fixtures work well in retail shops. Glass sliding doors make it easy to access items held within.

This selection includes a wide variety of styles to meet different needs and tastes. Utilize a wall mounting display case either residentially or in a more commercial setting. Wooden displays work well in homes, museums and antique stores. The glass wall displays are constructed from aluminum and have a flat or sledge angled front design. Different door styles are available to meet different needs. Swing open doors may be more effective for collectibles, china, or sports memorabilia. A sliding glass door style may be best suited for wall display cases that are used in retail stores for quick and easy access to merchandise. Keep items out of customers reach on a mounted display, requiring them to get employee assistance if they want to view something.