Wall Literature Racks in Various Metal Finishes

Wall Hanging Literature Racks - For Distributing Magazines, Brochures, and Printed Information

These wall literature racks and brochure holders are made from rugged metal. The leaflet and flyer displays are durable enough to hold up with frequent use. The hanging literature racks are great for heavily trafficked locations, and they can be used to hold catalog, magazines, leaflets, and pamphlets. The durable metal construction will hold up for years to come. The user can simply place the wall literature racks and hanging brochure holders on an upright withing their location. The magazine holders and catalog displays come with different numbers of pockets. All of the pockets are tiered in order to present most of each magazine cover. The wall literature racks also allow for simple picking for visitors and readers. The literature and magazine displays are ideal for use in doctors' offices, airport lounges, and other waiting areas. These brochure and catalog holders are suitable for hundreds of professional environments.

Some of these metal wall literature racks are fit with (2) endcaps, one on each side. The curved endcaps add a more appealing look to the brochure holders, but the units can be used without them as well. Each magazine holder, or wall literature rack, has (2) pre-drilled holes on the back to hang on your wall. All of the necessary hardware to attach the endcaps is included, however, to mount the displays on the wall, we recommend using a set of anchors that you can buy from your local hardware store. Metal magazine holders and catalog displays, especially those that have wall mount hanging configurations, come in a variety of colors. Each is meant to create an elegant look while blending seamlessly with any surrounding. The catalogue display systems and wall literature rack organizers have a sleek appearance that is sure to garner attention. These wall mounted magazine and catalog holders, keep flyers, pamphlets, leaflets, glossy magazines, master catalogs, paper sheets, and a variety of other literature well sorted, which helps give your waiting area a professional feel.

How are the pockets of these leaflet and catalog displays adjusted?
  • A set of acrylic pocket dividers comes with each set. The pegs can be added to reduce the size of the pockets or removed to increase the display area.
  • The clear design of the acrylic is non-obstructive and helps maintain a clean look for presented magazines and brochures.
  • Depending on the model, multiple types of literature may be able to be exhibited at the same time. Simply adding the divider pegs into some but not all the pockets is the perfect way to feature more than one kind of reading material. Varied literature tends to entice those in the immediate vicinity, so consider setting your pamphlet rack up in this way for the most effect.

Hanging leaflet, flyer, and catalog pockets is one of the best ways to reduce clutter in a crowded area. Many waiting rooms and office lobbies are already overrun with various fixtures and furniture. Rather than leaving out a large pile of information that can easily become a mess, the printed reading materials can be filed away in a neat and presentable manner when mounted on the wall. Customers and visitors will love the simple access a wall hanging unit provides, especially while waiting in a crowded lobby or entryway. The bonus of course is that many different publications can be organized in a single display. And when materials need to be changed out or updated with current information, the pockets are effortless readjusted to accommodate.

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