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Exhibit Displays for Table Top Presentations

Table Top Exhibit Displays w/ 3 & 4 Panels

folding display boardsDo you need table top displays for your next tradeshow or public speaking event? Look no further. There are sure to be exhibit displays here that will help to promote your business or establishment. This selection of table top presentation boards contains units with hook and loop panels as well as units with full color custom graphics. Shoppers can choose exhibit displays with three, four or ten panels with or without customizable header options. Many of these portable booths include additional accessories at no extra cost. Choose these exhibit displays with included carrying bag, spotlights, or briefcase and start promoting your goods and services at a tradeshow or convention. These presentation boards are perfect for a travelling salesman or public speaker that often attends trade shows or conventions. There are exhibit displays offered here that fit most any budget. The three panel economy unit is exceptionally portable, with an included canvas bag and colorful fabric; it's a bargain starting at around one hundred dollars. There exhibit displays are lightweight and can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes. No tools are needed to properly set up this fixture. Simply unfold these exhibit displays and attach the desired accessories. All of these portable booths are double sided. Some of the reverse sides of these exhibit displays include different color fabric or a white erase board. This is like getting two portable units for the price of one. Exhibitors can use this exhibit display as an information center on one side and use the reverse side to advertise in the opposite direction. Another option would be to use the whiteboard for Q&A's after a presentation. No matter what the budget, or function; there is a portable presentation system available here that will make a lasting impression with viewers.

Table top displaysThere are also exhibit displays for sale here that feature custom graphics, as well as units with a unique 3D design. These portable banners are commonly seen in tradeshow booths around the world. Exhibitors tend to use these exhibit displays to draw passersby into their area with vibrant graphics. These banners are printed on a durable fabric material that is lightweight and durable. These display boards are small enough to sit on a tabletop, yet large enough to make a huge visual impact with the intended audience. One of the new products added to this tradeshow accessory line-up are the three dimensional pop up frames. This table top displays for trade show features fabric panels of varying sizes and shapes. The graphics are then attached to a lightweight frame in such a manner as to appear three dimensional. These exhibition booths ship with the fabric panels already attached. Upon receipt the user simply removes the unit from the included carrying bag, and unfolds the frame and locks it in place. These portable trade show booths are offered in several sizes and configurations. Choose one of these portable trade show displays to include with your current exhibition accessories. These portable fixtures are printed with custom graphics and shipped out in approximately ten business days. Customers receive an electronic proof prior to any final printing.

    Can any of these exhibits accessories be used as a permanent fixture in a lobby or classroom?
  • Some of these portable units could be used to display important information for a school.
  • The table top display boards with custom headers are commonly used outside conference rooms to indicate the current meeting in progress as well as supplemental information pertaining to the event.
  • Most of these presentation boards would be suitable for any type of commercial or school environment.
    What sizes are offered for these portable trade show essentials?
  • The standard size for most of these trade show exhibition boards is approximately four feet wide and three feet high.
  • Some of these folding display boards with custom graphics are typically 5-6 feet wide and nearly as high.
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display boards with headersIn addition to the booth display products for trade show seen here, this online catalog also contains everything needed to outfit and build a successful trade show booth. Choose from banners, flags, custom table covers, portable furniture and much more. Most of the custom printing accessories are printed and shipped in 7-10 business days or in some instances 4 business days. Also offered here are: hanging banners, interlocking flooring, portable literature stands, podiums, pipe and drape systems and prize wheels. Electronic media has become a very popular means of advertising at trade shows; and this site offers one of the largest selections of TV stands and mounts. Choose from portable floor standing models as well as wall brackets and multi-monitor configurations. There is also a large selection of canopy tents, and portable booths for outdoor events offered here. Start browsing through this diverse and extensive selection of trade show booth accessories and see why this site is America's #1 choice for quality and affordable tradeshow products.