Educational Tables

Educational Tables for Schools and Learning Centers

Classroom furniture has grown exponentially in recent years. The typical classroom of yesteryear usually included a blackboard, teacher’s desk, and rows of smaller student desks. As more and more schools begin to emphasize group work and collaboration, teachers are shifting from those traditional setups and making room for educational tables. From childcare centers to college classrooms, these activity tables are used by students of all grades.

There is no single use for these school tables. They’re great for group activities, like arts and crafts, and are popular in classroom learning centers, especially in daycares and preschools. Classes with a more open and freeform style have even ditched traditional desks in favor of activity tables.

Multipurpose tables come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to fit almost any need. Most are outfitted with height adjustable legs to accommodate children of any size. Recently, markerboard activity tables have grown in popularity. These write-on tables feature a whiteboard top for students to right on for a more interactive learning experience. Training tables with flipper tops are also common fixtures in schools, often used in computer labs and lecture halls. The tops flip up to allow for nested storage to save space, making them a great solution for multi-use rooms that need to be reconfigured on the fly.

School furniture is used by kids on a daily basis and faces a lot of abuse as a result. Subsequently, the construction and design of education tables is all the more important. They need to be made of sturdy materials but also need to have kid-friendly features. Most are coated with a protective finish that resists stains and spills. Many student tables, especially those used in daycares and elementary schools with younger children, feature rounded corners and edges to prevent injuries.