Study Booths

Use Study Booths in Schools and Libraries

Looking for a way to provide privacy and promote focus? Study booths have long been a reliable solution for schools and libraries, giving students an isolated workstation. These study carrels feature a small desk space surrounded by high sides to block out distractions and noise. These booths are available with height adjustable legs in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles to suit any setting.

Privacy booths are a staple in university libraries. In some libraries, they are so popular that students must book them in advance. They can be located throughout a facility in nooks and corners or in a group of desks. For college students in need of a quiet space to study and work, these school workstation booths boost concentration and privacy. Many even include a shelf to keep the desk area free of clutter and give students more room to work.

Study booth desks come in a variety of sizes, colors, and configurations. Individual carrels, designed for use by a single student, are commonly seen in school classrooms and university libraries. They’re also available in double units, either with booths attached back to back or side by side. Larger setups with rows of privacy booths are often used in library lounges and computer labs.

They are so frequently used as computer stations that many study booths now include keyboard trays and grommets for computer cables. You can outfit these desks with computers and monitors for a computer lab or set them up in libraries for students to use with their own laptop or other electronic device.