SplashBox Series by Displays2go

Over the decades of Displays2go’s existence, we've continued to grow our product assortment to be in line with emerging trends, something our customers have grown to expect. SplashBox is yet another example of how we've risen to the occasion. The SplashBox series broadens our already diversified product line by incorporating digital marketing with traditional display items.

What Can You Expect from the SplashBox Series?


SplashBox series fixtures utilize digital marketing for a unique and innovative display. By also including emerging technology, such as a transparent LCD screen, businesses can tell their brand story through video visuals to captivate their audience.


When it comes to digital, not all things are truly simple. However, we strive to offer simple digital solutions with our customer in mind, and the SplashBox series is certainly no different. Easy to use, intuitive digital products and all-in-one solutions are what you can expect from the SplashBox name.


SplashBox is designed, engineered, manufactured and entirely exclusive to Displays2go. The production of the item, from conception to completion, is entirely a Displays2go original. Created specifically for our customers and their distinct needs, you can only find these pieces at Displays2go.