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12" x 12" Metal & Wood Frame for Pictures, Portraits, LP Covers & Scrapbook Pages

12" x 12" Wooden & Metal Frames - Wall Hanging, Matted & More!

Chances are that if you found this page, you need a 12" x 12" metal or wood frame! There are several reasons you might require this specific framing size. If you're a music enthusiast, especially one who enjoys collecting older forms of media, you'll definitely need a frame with these dimensions. How else will you be able to display that cool vinyl record cover? Maybe you're the musician! What better reason to hang up some LP album art? Scrapbookers love the 12" x 12" frame because it's perfect for displaying single scrapbook pages. Scrapbooks are great for collecting memories and remembering events, but a frame provides a way to share those fond memories without having to dig out an album first. Digital technology has made its mark on photography and continues to do so. Photographers have so much more control over not only the composition of the photo but also how it is printed. 12" x 12" prints have become more popular as a result, which is why we provide this collection.

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