8 Ways Digital Signage Can Help Your School "Make the Grade"

utilizing digital signage to enhance learning in universities

Posted on 21, July, 2023

Last Modified on 25, August, 2023

Enhancing the Educational Environment: 8 Ways Digital Signage Displays Can Make a Difference on Campus or in Your Classroom

Integrating technology into the learning environment has become critical as the evolving world of education merges with digital technology. Digital signage displays and interactive kiosks are versatile devices that can transform an ordinary university or educational environment into a more dynamic, engaging, and efficient space. In this article, we will explore 8 ways that digital technologies can enrich campus life, from classrooms and hallways to the front office and common areas. As you’re well aware, knowledge is power, so let’s dive in and start learning!

Never Miss the Morning Bell with Wayfinding Kiosks

touch screen interactive and wayfinding kiosks

On large campuses, finding specific locations can be a challenge for new students, visitors, and staff members alike. Wayfinding kiosks can display intuitive and interactive maps that enable users to effortlessly locate classrooms, buildings, offices, and amenities. These digital maps can easily be updated and synced as schedules, events and building locations change, and render instantly on floor standing or wall mounted digital screens. Touch screens allow users to navigate wayfinding applications and tailor their experience to where they need to go. Explore floor standing kiosks and iPad stands for on-campus navigation.

Digital Interactive Whiteboards for Classrooms: Transforming Learning Spaces

Digital interactive whiteboards enhance classroom collaboration, engagement, and creativity. Educators can create immersive and interactive lessons by incorporating multimedia content, online resources, and real-time collaboration whether in a remote or in-person setting thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Utilizing touch screen support, on-command streaming and file share, and internet access, students can actively participate, annotate, and manipulate information, fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. Explore our selection of digital whiteboards for classroom collaboration.

Reconnect and Recharge with Charging Kiosks and Tables

Digital charging stations and charging kiosks are an essential addition to educational environments. These innovative solutions provide convenient power access for students, faculty, and visitors, ensuring that their devices remain charged and ready for use throughout the day. By strategically placing digital charging stations in common areas, libraries, or study lounges, universities can enhance productivity and convenience, allowing individuals to stay connected and engaged in their learning experience. Digital screens on these kiosks allow for quick updates to university branding, campus information, and more with remote access and WiFi & Bluetooth capabilities.

Digital Bulletin Boards Reinforce Morning Announcements

Traditional bulletin boards have quickly become outdated and cluttered compared to the versatility of digital alternatives. Digital bulletin boards offer a dynamic substitute, allowing administrators, faculty, and students to share important information, upcoming events, and deadlines with students and staff. With vibrant displays and the ability to stream and schedule content, these boards keep your school body informed and engaged in real time.

Inform the Student Body with Video Walls

Video walls provide visually stunning showcases for student projects, campus events, and important announcements. Strategically placed in high-traffic areas like student centers, lobbies, and hallways, these large-scale displays capture attention as they display a wide variety of multimedia content. Large video walls elevate the status, look, and feel of your facilities, impressing incoming students and visitors and helping to increase enrollment. Whether highlighting achievements, playing hype videos, or promoting upcoming events, video walls become a focal point, generating excitement and fostering school spirit. Shop our selection of large-scale video walls for on-campus multimedia displays.

Recognize Your Honor Roll, Star Athletes and Teacher of the Year

Digital signage enables universities to celebrate student and faculty accomplishments in a highly visible and impactful way. By dedicating screens, tv monitors, and floor standing kiosks to showcasing achievements like academic accomplishments, athletic victories, or research milestones, institutions inspire and motivate their community while reinforcing a culture of excellence.

Promote Safety and Security with Real-Time Updates

Digital displays offer an effective means of communicating essential safety information and campus updates to students, faculty, and staff. By broadcasting emergency alerts, campus-wide announcements, or weather-related updates, institutions can keep their community informed, ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone on campus. Public safety and administrators can display real time reports with on-demand streaming to digital devices using compatible content management systems.

Increase Your Endowment with Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Digital signage and displays provide universities with additional revenue streams through advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Strategically placed screens attract local businesses, corporate partners, or alumni who wish to reach the campus community with targeted advertisements or sponsorships. Allow these communities to sponsor sporting events, fundraisers, and more, providing them with advertising space on easy-to-use digital devices. This financial support contributes to funding campus initiatives and improving educational resources in the long term.

Elevate Education with Digital Signage, Displays, and Kiosks

The new wave of the future and productivity, especially in an education environment, is going digital. Digital signage, displays, and kiosks have the power to transform educational facilities by creating engaging and interactive spaces that enhance the learning experience. From streamlining campus navigation and improving quality of life for students and visitors to fostering collaboration in classrooms, these technologies offer numerous benefits for students, faculty, and visitors alike. By leveraging the potential of digital signage and displays, universities can embrace innovation and create an environment that promotes learning, safety, and community engagement.

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