Craft Fair Tips from Tiffany

Craft Show Sales Tips

Posted on 05, November, 2015

Last Modified on 29, December, 2015

If you're soon to be headed to your first craft show, you might be feeling a little intimidated or lost. You're racking your brain for something you might have forgotten, wondering anxiously how you’ll compare to other vendors, and hoping with all your might that it goes well. After all, so much of your valuable time and effort has gone into preparing for this very event! Well, our very own craft show industry insider, Tiffany, is here to help. After years of displaying her gorgeous handmade jewelry at local arts & crafts fairs, she’s used her experience to compile a list of craft show tips that are essential to success, but often overlooked. Check out these tips for selling at craft fairs!

Craft Show Ideas
Tiffany with her son TJ

10 Craft Show Tips

  • Create Visual Interest with Organization
    • This is what draws people in - an unorganized or unprofessional looking display/table/booth can deter potential customers.
    • Have 2-3 focal items that draw attention. These should be items that you feel would separate you from other exhibitors. For example, jewelry making is big right now. Why should someone stop at your booth?
    • Display items at different levels using risers.
    • Make use of all available space - i.e. walls, floor, etc - you pay for a # x # space, utilize it as best you can!
  • Colors
    • Choose 2-3 colors for what you're using to display your merchandise. Displays should coordinate with crafts without too much contrast.
  • Pricing & Payment Methods
    • Items should be clearly priced to avoid too much haggling
    • Price them right! Include material, labor, and other costs. Prices too cheap or too high = no business.
    • Use signage to tell attendees how they can pay before they even approach your booth. This is less confrontational for everyone.
  • Packing & Transport
    • Be sure to safely wrap and pack all items for transport.
    • Bring extra supplies for repairs with you in case anything gets broken or damaged
  • Try Making Something While AT the Show
    • People take comfort in knowing who made their item, especially when it's not a brand name. They will also trust that what is on display was made locally by hand.
    • The demonstration will pull in those who want to watch!
  • Be Sure to Bring Enough Change!
    • You'd hate to turn away customers just because you can't break their twenty.
  • Bring Assistance
    • Whether you're working on seting up your booth in a timely fashion (most shows give you 1 hour to set up before it opens!), running to the restroom, or assisting with orders/payments, having some additional helping hands will take the pressure off allowing you to focus on what matters most!
  • Build a Mailing List
    • Take down emails & customer info for future marketing efforts, or for special orders!
  • Brand It!
    • Even if you don't have a legitimate company name, providing people with a means to identify you in the future is key!
    • Be sure to offer a way for shoppers to contact you in the future including a website or social media page for them to learn more about you.
  • Snacks & Drinks!
Ideas for Craft Shows

Now, take Tiffany's expert advice to your next craft show and you're sure to be more prepared than ever!

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