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Ways to Display Hats in Stores

Posted on 03, September, 2015

Last Modified on 08, September, 2015

It might seem like a silly or straightforward question, but you’d be surprised just how many retailers come to us wondering how to display hats! So we decided to write an article with our favorite methods for displaying this type of merchandise in a store environment. Enjoy!

Single Hat Stands & Busts

Single Hat Stands

These hat displays may be simple, but with the right merchandising they can really highlight a product! This type of display can make a certain headpiece stand out from the crowd, holding it on its own little pedestal and off the surface of a display table. Imagining strolling through a boutique, when all of a sudden - there is it - the fedora you’ve always dreamed of! And its sitting right there on top of a stylish mannequin head! Sold!

Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall Hat Rack

Slatwall gondolas and panels are a common site in many retail stores. These displays are incredibly versatile and can hold a lot of difference merchandise - including creative ways to display baseball hats! Actually, there are special hat racks on the market designed just for holding caps on a pre-existing slatwall panels. Just hook them into a groove of the slatwall and the display will protrude out from the panel in an attention-getting way!

Hat Racks

Wrought Iron Hat Rack

Hat racks aren’t just for collecting dust in your grandmother’s parlor! There are tons of modern stands out there for holding baseball caps, cowboy hats, urban sombreros, or even a Pharrell-approved hat or two. Floor standing models are great space savers in busy storefronts - with some styles even holding up to 240 caps! If you’re going for something with a bit more flair for your boutique, look for hat racks with decorative wrought iron details.

DIY Displays


There’s always room for a little Do-It-Yourself inspiration when it comes to hat displays! Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Clothespins are an easy DIY solution for displaying your hats. Hang some string on a wall with some cute clothespins attached and use it as a custom hat holder! Just clip the clothespins to the brim of each hat and let it rest flush with the wall.

Or, try a DIY pedestal stand for showcasing knit beanies at your next craft show! You can make one with a variety of materials - just peruse your local hobby store for items you can use for a base, pedestal, and hat holding top. Try painting a cheap wooden candlestick to serve as the stand for your display, then paint a Styrofoam ball in the same color to serve as the top hat-holding part of the stand!

We hope your enjoyed our tips and tricks for displaying hats. Now, go forth and display your hats with skill, dexterity, and pride!

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