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Wire Literature Holders - Multi-Pocket Counter Brochure Displays Made from Metal

Wire Literature Holder

Why use wire literature holders instead of displays made from another material? Durability! These countertop wire literature displays are the perfect solution for retail stores and commercial sales locations. The metal construction of the counter stands is built to last, even in fast-paced environments. The wire literature holders, also called brochure or magazine displays, are available in a variety of configurations ranging from simple to complex. The tabletop displays for storing reading materials are specifically designed with multiple pockets, so all kinds of publications can be presented at one time. This way, businesses are better able to hand out important leaflets and flyers while ensuring that potential clients remember their brands. Improve the way your company does business today with one or a set of flyer holder racks.

What is the advantage of a countertop magazine holder that is made of metal?
  • These wire literature holders are crafted from long-lasting material, so typical wear & tear at retail or office locations is no match. Each pocket features a strong yet non-obtrusive layout that keeps tri-fold or standard sized information protected while on display.
  • The minimalist design of the wire construction allows onlookers to clearly see the presented reading materials. This way, no one has to guess at what pamphlet or catalog is inside the rack.
  • Wire and metal racking is becoming more and more popular with many retailers and office managers. The low cost combined with the exceptional durability make for an economical literature display/storage solution anyone can afford.
Metal Brochure Holder

There are many uses for these counter display holders. First of all (and possibly most common) is the retail application. Any store, especially bookstores and convenience stores, that sell reading materials are able to take full advantage of the racks. Magazine selections or company catalogs are easily organized in the tiered and rotating display holders. This way, customers are able to browse their favorite titles or check out the latest articles. Allowing customers to read periodicals, such as magazines, catalogs, or newspapers, is one of the best ways to improve sale conversion rates. Show your patrons you care by keeping reading materials accessible and organized. Storage is yet another great use for these metal magazine and brochure displays. As mentioned above, most have several pockets so arranging several types of printed literature is an easy task. Some of the designs even rotate to make filing or browsing information much simpler. Pick up a rotating or revolving configuration to make the most of a limited checkout counter, help desk, or service area.

What are the different finishes available for these metal literature display holders?
  • Metal is a great material to work with because it finishes so well. The wire racking systems we sell come in black, silver, and white colors.
  • Black is among the most popular simply because the finish is versatile and blends effectively with just about any backdrop. Trade show vendors, retail stores, visitor centers, and professional offices all love the rich black color. Grab one of these to project sophistication at any office or store.
  • Silver is also very popular but offers a flashier look. The shiny finish shimmers under the lights, drawing potential readers closer. If your business could use a touch of modern flair, consider the silver units.
  • White is the last option currently offered. These light-colored racks blend well with retail stores and are a common choice for those in the sales industry. Part of the reason is that the white color matches most existing store fixtures, so users do not have to readjust their decor or presentation.
  • Take a long, hard look at the full collection to discover the best finish for your specific application.
Spinning Wire Literature Display

As a manufacturer, our metal countertop displays for literature are always in-stock and ready to ship. In addition to the unique collection of products shown on this page, we also offer dozens of additional tabletop literature stands. There are all kinds of basic and upscale configurations to choose from. Oftentimes, retailers will require a larger merchandising solution. We've got everything covered! Check out these floor standing systems that are ideal for point of purchase environments. Our company's scope extends far beyond just displays for brochures and magazines. We also have a full spectrum of product merchandising equipment, which is organized by popular lines on the main shopping categories page. There are even more product sales tools as well. Shop high quality display cases and custom retail store fixtures online at any time. Have an idea for a product that you do not see here? Take a look at the custom quote information for details. Customer service reps are standing by ready to help design your product for you.

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