Brass Stanchions - Retractable and Post & Rope

Brass Stanchions Feature Retractable Belts and Post & Rope Style

Brass stanchions feature a shiny polish that works very well in upscale environments. These crowd control systems are a great addition to movie theaters, restaurants, and valet parking stations. The finish on the brass poles is a great way to really stand out and upgrade your crowd control.

Choose between retractable or post and rope style stanchions. Retractable belts are much easier to use and rearrange because the belts can be set to different lengths. Ropes are a fixed length so they generally have to be kept the same distance apart when in use. However, the velvet or braided ropes provide for a more upscale presentation. Looking to accessorize your stanchions? Add some sign frames to the top to convey a special message, sell ad space, or tell waiting customers where the line starts and stops.

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