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Retractable Tape Tensabarrier Stanchions - 13 Ft. Long

Retractable Tensabarrier Stanchions w/ 13 ft. Belt

These extra long, 13 foot Tensabarrier stanchions are great for establishments that need to set up, organize, and control long lines. These crowd control systems are commonly used at movie theaters, concerts, airports, goverment facilities, food courts, and many other public locations. The longer belts on the Tensabarrier stanchion posts are great for larger, crowded areas where long lines queue up and it's needed to control larger numbers of people. The Tensabarrier brand is known for high quality construction and a wide range of products for use in the crowd control industry. Retractable belts are available in a wide variety of different colors, including solid single color belts or two-colored stripe belts. This wide color selection gives businesses the option to match their stanchion bets with their brand colors! The tops of the belts all feature 4-way adaptors that allow other belts to connect to them. The stanchion posts themselves are also available in black, chrome, and brass. All Tensabarrier posts feature weighted bases that keep the units upright even in heavily trafficked locations. Retractable belts are a great way to control crowds and set up new lines in any area - shop this selection today to see for yourself!

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