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Acrylic Literature Holders | Countertop Flyer Dispensers with Single & Multi-Pocket Designs

Acrylic Literature Holders - Single & Multi-Pocket Flyer Dispensers for Counters

Acrylic Literature Holder

Why choose acrylic literature holders over other brochure or flyer pockets? Durability is one of the main reasons these leaflet displays are so popular, but they also offer unrivaled style. These clear acrylic literature holders, sometimes referred to as plastic brochure dispensers, are designed with exceptional functionality in mind. There are display pockets that sit on countertops, attach to walls, or both in many cases. The acrylic literature holders feature more than one display slot, so showcasing several stacks is no problem at all. Don't just leave pamphlets and flyers strewn about a tabletop or counter. Get the right wall or countertop literature dispenser, so your printed materials and publications look their absolute best. Clear pockets like these provide a great way to present brochures whilst providing easy access to marketing and promotional information. The dispensers come in a variety of sizes. Some are wider and can fit catalogs and magazines, while others are made specifically for standard 4" x 9" brochures. Because each holder is manufactured using transparent acrylic, any environment will benefit from one. Place a dispenser wherever people pass by to readily and quickly disperse printed information. Shop for multi-pocket countertop and wall-mount literature displays for every location. Banks, retail stores, offices, and hotels all buy their flyer racks right here because the prices are unbeatable!

How do these clear brochure dispensers compare to molded plastic?
  • The acrylic literature holders cost a little bit more, but every cent is entirely worth it. The thinner, more elegant look separates the dispenser racks from other designs.
  • Acrylic is also a bit more durable than some of the injection molded systems. Each one of these models is made by either bending a continuous sheet of material or by cutting the pieces and then gluing them together. Both ways result in a high quality product that has a sophisticated look and lasting durability.
  • Many of the acrylic displays for sale online are manufactured right on site by our talented team of professionals. These technicians work tirelessly to provide wall mounting and countertop literature holders that surpass the quality or our competitors. This way, customers can be sure they are getting a great deal and a great product.
Acrylic Flyer Holder Why choose these multi-pocket holders over single pocket designs?
  • This may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer, but let's delve a little deeper for a better understanding of the pros and cons.
  • The user must consider the intended application for the clear information displays. Even if there is only one type of brochure or catalog that needs to be displayed, users may want to think about the potential for more in the future. Will your business or company be passing out any additional literature in the coming days, months, or years? Be sure to weigh the advantages of purchasing a multi-pocket system now rather than later.
  • Professionals whom have bought multi-pocket designs in the past have come up with all kinds of ways to take advantage of the space in extra pockets. Sometimes, users will stagger the stacks of information from front to back when there is not enough literature. The result is an attractive display that instantly draws the eyes of bystanders.
  • Some units are equipped with pockets that are made for magazine publications, while others are adjustable and can handle either standard brochures or catalogs. Many people get creative with how the printed reading materials are presented to potential customers and clients. Take a look at all the options to find out which unit is most suitable for your application.
Multi-Pocket Pamphlet Display

Acrylic and plastic brochure displays are great for those with limited budgets. The affordable prices allow for larger quantity orders to be placed at a discount cost per unit. In fact, our company specializes in business to business sales, so we understand the need for batch orders. As a result, we have implemented a one-of-a-kind pricing table that uses wholesale costs, so re-sellers are able to easily purchase the correct amounts while ensuring they can make a profit. As mentioned briefly above, our facilities are equipped to manufacture many of our acrylic product displays. This results in a much lower and much more competitive price tag for our customers.

In addition to these fine leaflet holders, you can also shop our website for supplemental displays made from acrylic. Check out the huge selection of multi-pocket brochure racks and stands that feature plastic, wooden, metal, or wire construction. These products are sure to match any decor or price limitation. Just click on any of the above categories to start shopping for pamphlet, catalog, flyer, booklet, and magazine display solutions. With a pamphlet holder, you can make all your materials accessible to clients and start improving business today! Our information dispensers are in-stock and ready to ship. Displays2go offers a full spectrum of point of purchase exhibits that can be seen at our main shopping categories page. Need some marketing ideas? Visit our home page for a brief overview of some of our preferred POP products.

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