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Podium Covers and Accessories for Enhancing & Protecting Your Investment

Podium Covers and Accessories Make Terrific Go-Withs!

Closeup of a clip-on podium reading light

Buying a lectern is no small purchase. Supplement and protect your investment with podium covers and accessories. These add-ons enhance your presentation with pure professionalism. iPad mounts and reading lights can prove to be an invaluable purchase depending on the venue — indoors or out. When not in use, podium covers prevent dust and dirt buildup, helping to keep your lectern's high-quality finish looking great for years to come. These go-withs boost the effectiveness of any speaking engagement. Read on to learn more about what podium covers and accessories can do for you!

What can additional lectern add-ons do for you?
  • Podium covers — these are simple affairs but they do an important job. Leaving an expensive lectern unprotected can create issues over time. Exposure to dust or sunlight affects wood in ways that darken the finish. When not in use, we recommend protecting your investment with a durable polyester fabric cover. These come with a PVC coating which resists liquids and safeguards your podium from scuffs and abrasions.
  • Reading lights — unless your pulpit already comes with integrated illumination, we suggest purchasing our clip-on lamp accessory. Attach the light virtually anywhere you wish. The gooseneck arm lets you direct the lamp exactly where needed. A 3-position dimmer provides full, half, or dim illumination. Thanks to its energy efficient LED technology, the lamp will last for years of service.
  • Mounts for iPads — using notes to help with your speech is a valuable and helpful technique. In today's digital realm, handwritten notes have been eclipsed by the touchscreen tablet. Display your entire speech right in front of you in a small and legible format. The iPad holders offered here all come with a clamp mount system. Attach one to the top rim or side wall of your podium for easy reference. The holders feature a full range of movement and adjustability, perfect for placing your tablet at precisely the right reading angle.

These accessories are excellent investments for educational institutions, trade shows, training centers, and lecture halls. Portable sound systems with amplified speakers are another go-with accessory perfect for projecting your voice. At any given time, lecterns and podiums share the limelight with the speech giver. They are a standing representation of the organization or venue, and therefore should be handled and treated just like any other type of furnishing if expected to last a lifetime.

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