Portable Microphone and Speaker Sets for Trade Shows

Portable Microphones and Speakers - Mini & Full-Size Loudspeaker Systems for Events

Portable Microphone & SpeakerThese portable microphone and speaker kits, or wireless mic and loudspeaker electronics, are ideal for indoor or outdoor presentations, especially trade shows and expos. The audio equipment provides a great way to add power to your speech, lecture or exhibit booth demonstration. Each portable microphone and speaker for addressing audiences is powered by an internal rechargeable battery or electrical current via a standard outlet. Not only are the loudspeaker sets powerful, but also they are compact. How does the small design of the portable microphone and speaker help in real-life applications? The PA sound equipment can go just about anywhere you can. The all-in-one configuration integrates all the accessories needed for developing effective presentations whether you are illustrating proper safety procedures to new trainees in the workplace, demonstrating the advantages of a hot product at a trade event, or giving a motivational speech at a high school.

What features does each wireless mic and loudspeaker set include?
  • The portable microphones and speakers can come with all sorts of components, from built-in controls to hardware accessories. Each product differs from the next, but we've outlined a number of neat characteristics that many of our selections offer.
  • Every full sound system kit includes all the cables and cords necessary for quick setup. Microphones are shipped with connectors for the wireless and hands-free receivers, so customers don't have to waste time looking around for the cables that are compatible with their specific systems. At Displays2go, we realize that not everyone is an audio expert which is why we try to take out all the guesswork.
  • Built-in amplification is definitely one of the defining features of these wireless mic and loudspeaker packages. PA systems that utilize external power amplifiers are much less compact and can be bulky or awkward to transport to events. The all-in-one design is major selling point for every one of our selections.
  • Each voice amplifier system has the proper inputs for giving speeches or playing background music. The line-in port allows multimedia accessories, like mp3 players, tablets, smartphones, and computers to be plugged in with no trouble at all. Virtually any media device, even tape cassette and CD players from previous decades, are compatible as long as they are equipped with an 1/8" output jack. If your kit comes with any peripheral equipment, the proper hookups will be simple and take just seconds.
  • Travel bags or cases are included in many of these kits. These covers and totes help prolong the life of your audio equipment despite frequent use. Constantly moving the sound system accessories around can result in cosmetic dings, scuffs, and dents as well as damage to the internal components. We provide transport cases to prevent daily setup and take down from causing long-term problems.

While some public speaking venues provide their own PA equipment, there are a lot of advantages to supplying your own. Technical issues can wreak havoc on any presentation no matter how well it is planned. You can eliminate the problems associated with novice sound engineers and faulty equipment if you provide your own audio equipment. You will not only appreciate the instantaneous control, but also you will be comfortable operating the system simply because you have become used to it. There is no sense in trying to learn how to use a new setup everytime.

What are some of the other practical accessories that may be included with the sound systems?
  • Speaker stands are essential tools for quick setup, especially for interim presentations like trade shows. These tripod holders have a folding design that is compact when put away and very stable when on display.
  • Most of the loudspeaker systems have attached wheels at the base that glide easily across the floor. This way, the user can relocate the all-in-one amplifier with as little effort as possible. Our smallest units do not include wheels but can be carried by the built-in handle due to the lightweight design.
  • The most advanced hands-free and wireless kits feature a remote control, which enables the user to make adjustments on the fly. This versatility is crucial for presentations with fluctuating volume. With the push of a button, the audio level can be raised or lowered mid presentation.

With such a fine selection of transportable audio equipment, it's hard to imagine that Displays2go carries a full line of other trade show and retail accessories. Shop multimedia displays for interactive presentations or find visual merchandising tools that help sell goods at an in-store location. We offer all the best solutions at low, wholesale prices so you know you are getting a great deal. Why not buy everything you need for your next big event all in one place? Our convenient one-stop shopping saves you time and money, so check out our extensive online inventory today!

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