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Dual Belt Stanchion Features 7-1/2' Belts

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Tensabarrier & QueuePole Stanchions w/ 7.5 Dual Belts

A dual belt stanchion is a great investment when that supplemental line control is needed. We have many dual belt stanchions options available. Choose from single and dual belt, with many colors, finishes and signage options available. For all our crowd control system needs visit this category. We have retractable belt and traditional rope posts in stock.

The dual belt stanchion is optimal for businesses needing a little additional barrier than your traditional single belt stanchion, or traditional rope and post stanchion. Design your own flow of traffic with the dual belt stanchion. You can mix and match the belt colors, as well as the post finish. We have various belt colors, and many post finishes, including silver, black, and brass.

Additionally, we have thousands of point of purchase displays that are in stock and ready to ship. We manufacture approximately 90% of the products we sell. This gives us complete control over quality, price and service allowing us to provide you with the highest quality products, competitive pricing and faster shipping than any other company in the country. Most orders ship within 24 hours of your order receipt, if we acquire it before 3PM EST, chances are it ships the same day.

A dual belt stanchion set up is better for security purposes and make it easy to control lines. The double belts are more of a detterent to delinquent line cutters trying to get to their movie on time. With two retractable belts, users also can simply use one at a time to set the belt at various heights.

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