Commercial Projection Screens in Motorized and Portable Styles

Projection Screens — Portable, Wall & Ceiling Mounted Commercial Styles

What are commercial projection screens used for? Our projector displays are perfect for trade shows, academic conferences, and hospital lectures. These commercial projection backdrops help you connect visually with your audience. Our AV projector backdrops come in a wide variety of sizes for big and small crowds. We offer several designs, motorized and manual, to suit your venue and the type of presentation you're making.

Whether you're buying presentation backdrops for business, retail, or home, it's best to focus on three elements: material, aspect ratio, and size. Once you select the appropriate width, height, and depth for your space and audience, you'll choose either a fixed projector system or a portable one. Our collection of projector walls includes motorized systems that mount on a wall or ceiling. Portable units come with collapsible stands and carry bags for hitting the road in style.

What should you know before shopping for AV projector backdrops? Commercial projection screens are more sophisticated than ever, but don't fall for the hype! Learn the difference between screen materials and why some work better than others.

  • Construction: Projection screens today claim to be constructed of high tech materials, but the design that is most compelling is our standard matte-white model, known for being "mistake-proof". This screening surface is the most versatile on the market. It produces the best results because the projector light is evenly distributed across the viewing area. Not only are your images going to be brighter and more realistic but the hue will remain consistent. It’s good to note when you’re shopping for your unit that some fabric is better than others. For example, the downside of a unit advertising a “brighter picture” may be that you sacrifice on the quality of the visuals due to a narrower viewing angle. Some fabric is designed to be less bright which, on the upside, reduces ambient glare so images are easier on the eyes.
  • Width-Height Aspect Ratio: Our screens are made with the 4:3 videographic aspect ratio (1.33:1), a format used for non-widescreen TVs and computer monitors. Video and powerpoint presentations look perfect. When viewing letterbox-style films and HDTV remember that the top and bottom of our models will go unused. Our screen ratios are also compatible with 32mm film.
  • Size: A plethora of sizes are available. A good rule of thumb is to fit your projector display choice to the audience. Location is determined by room size. Backdrop height should be 1/6 the distance from the screen to the last row of seats in the audience. This allows viewers a clear and detailed view of images and text. The first row of seats need to be two screen heights away from your presentation for the best visual impact.
  • Our third screen style is the whiteboard stand with projector mount. Perfect for classroom lectures and sales presentations, these mobile projector stands are adjusted for height manually.

    When you choose your stand, think about whether a motorized screen can be permanently installed, or if portable manual media panels are a better choice. Are you able to wire a wall switch to an electric control? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose the right product for your needs.

    Shop Displays2go for wholesale prices on quality screens. Our informed customer service team are happy to help with any questions. Screen technology today is sophisticated, but it doesn't have to be complicated! Want tips on how to set up a projection system for a trade show presentation? When you buy our products, our wisdom is your wisdom. Shop today and enjoy quick shipping on all items in stock.

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