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Waste Receptacles for Indoor and Outdoor Commercial Use

Trash Receptacles, Waste Containers, Cans, and Accessories for Commercial Use

These waste receptacles can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Business offices, retail stores, hotel dining rooms, and airport lounges are just a few examples of areas you can position these waste receptacles. Heavy duty waste waste receptacles, sometimes called commercial trash cans, are available in plastic, steel, and wood construction. For example, our collection of Rubbermaid® products is broken down into different series of styles. The metallic series is comprised of containers are meant for use indoors only, while the Aspen® series is used predominately outdoors. Trash bins and containers are also available with cigarette-extinguishing options, as well! These combination waste receptacles are available with sand holders and removable steel trays for safety and convenience. Accessories such as custom-printed trash bin covers sized to fit standard bins are a great way to turn a required facility fixture into a stylish addition to events!

Heavy duty commercial waste containers, also known as public rubbish bins, range in size to meet all of our customers' waste-removal needs. We offer trash cans and containers in sizes ranging from 9-gal to 56-gallon capacities. The commercial litter bins are hard-wearing bins for disposal and recycling that will withstand years of use. Both polyethylene and steel are rugged materials that stand up to harsh weather conditions and strong impacts. Some of the receptacles & containers are even FM-approved, giving you a fire-safe way to dispose of rubbish. Please click on individual waste containers for more details.

Specialty trash containers, such as our outdoor ashtrays and labeled recycling bins, are designed to help reduce unsightly litter in any public space or facility. For special events such as trade shows, many businesses choose to cover their receptacles with stretch trash barrel coverings that are custom printed with logos, brand names, or other advertising messages! In addition to waste receptacles & containers, we also sell 1000s of commercial quality display fixtures and accessories, from poster frames and literature racks to trade show booths and retail counters. In fact, Displays2go has been producing and distributing POP display fixtures for over 40 years! Browse through our entire site for commercial, retail, industrial, and educational accessories to match the need of any business!

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