Poster Rails with Suction Cups

Poster Rails & Window Hangers w/ Suction Cups

Hanging posters, sign holders, and other poster rails are available in a huge selection of widths to fit any format. These poster rails with suction cups are a must when it comes to window applications. Like our other banner rail kits, the poster rails are fabricated in rugged plastic. Our versatile poster rails can support thin poster stock or thick banner vinyl with alleviate. The poster rails, which are available in stock, are the most economical way to hang a poster or banner. The use of suction cups minimizes installation damage to your walls or ceilings. If you can stick your poster holders on the window there's nothing else left to buy with these poster rails. Displays2go provides poster rails and poster holders for sale on our huge online catalog. The poster rails are broken into various different sizes to fit your graphics. We also sell plain banner rail kits as well as sleek, satin-finished aluminum poster hangers for that upscale look. This sign holder is a great poster holder. These poster rails for sale will handle your strict sign hanging requirements and more.

These snap rails look great hanging in a window or a glass door.There is a huge assortment of snap rails offered here in many sizes. Hung by suction cups, these banner holders can handle any type of thin graphic material such as thick paper stock, or vinyl signage. Can two posters be hung back to back in these snap rails? These sign displays can hold two images, so long as the maximum thickness is not exceeded. By using snap rails along with suction hangers there is no supplemental hardware required for mounting. Simply hook the extrusion onto the hangers and attach to a glass surface; it's that easy. The patented snap rails are designed to grip poster stock or banner media with ease. Utilize all of that available advertising space windows have to offer! These snap rails are available in a couple of different styles. Also for sale are similar units without suction cups that are hung with hanging hardware kits. Look into the satin-finished aluminum poster hangers if a more elegant look is desired. Both of these snap rails are most retailers' #1 preference of how to hang signs on windows with suction cups. For an even larger selection of window poster hanging system ideas check out the main catalog pages on this site.

Use these snap rails to hang signage in a store window or office glass door.Grocery stores and other retailers typically use these snap rails to display weekly advertisements in the storefront. These window sign hanging systems are simple to mount and take down for stores that change out signage on a frequent basis. The snap rails featured here with an aluminum extrusion are offered in two popular poster sizes; 24" and 36" wide. Use these banner hangers with or without the suction cups and the mounting options are practically endless. These snap rails not only make hanging a sign in a window easy, they are also much more lightweight than traditional sign frames. These suction cup kits for poster hanging are an inexpensive, and simple means of displaying signage in a retail or office environment.

When using this snap rail, what are some of the limitations that should be considered?
  • These banner holders are intended to hold thin poster stock up to 1/8" thick.
  • This snap rail is intended for interior use, however can be hung outdoors in fair weather conditions.
  • For additional wide posters, two or more of the plastic units can be used for hanging posters on windows, or on a wall.
Can this snap rail be hung on a non-glass surface?
  • There are many other options possible with this window poster hanging system.
  • Use this snap rail without the suction cups to hang a sign on a wall or suspended from a ceiling. Other hanging hardware is sold separately here on this site.
  • Although the merchandise featured here are great for hanging signs on windows; that is only one of various display possibilities.

Retail stores use these snap rails to hang advertisements in store front windows.This plastic snap rail featured above is a minimalistic means of hanging signs. This poster gripper features a patented design that grabs even a single sheet of paper. This snap rail is a cheap alternative to wood or metal banner frames. Compare the $8.29 price of a 24" wide holder, to a 24" wide wood frame priced at hundreds of dollars and one can see how the savings will quickly add up. This snap rail can also be used without the included suction cups to hang banners from a wall or ceiling. These poster grippers are the best answer for how to hang signs on windows with suction cups! Retail stores, gyms and fast food chain restaurants like to use this snap rail to advertise new merchandise, or upcoming events. Don't let precious marketing space go to waste; use one of these suction cup kits for poster hanging, and watch the passersby flock to your establishment to inquire about your goods and services.

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