Tiered Retail Display Tables, Nesting Tables & Pedestals

Retail Display Tables - Multi-Tiered and Nesting Displays for Merchandising

Retail display tables

How can merchandising fixtures enhance a department store, boutique or residential space? Display tables are ideal for showcasing products in all shapes and sizes. Retail store fixtures help highlight merchandise in a visually appealing way. Our tiered or nesting furniture come in a myriad of shapes and styles with models fit for all kinds of environments. Businesses like retail stores, consignment shops, museums, bakeries, and homes can use these platforms to organize a product selection and promote merchandise effectively. Conserve valuable floor space while simultaneously maximizing the amount of inventory that can be presented with our display tables. The smarter your products are presented, the more likely your customers will be to pick up an item.

Store Fixtures What types of merchandising structures are available?
  • Nesting display tables are available in a variety of styles and colors. Both square and rounded counters are available. These models are sold in sets of 2 or 3 different sized fixtures that stand at various height levels. Our structures are ideal in retail stores for showcasing items like jewelry, purses, shoes, or other small objects. Cafes or other food establishments use these for presenting breads, cakes or other baked goods.
  • Our round counters are great for residential settings. Use as a nightstand in a bedroom, or as a stand in a home office. Since there are many styles available, they can match any décor. These counters can also be used in boutiques or gift shops to showcase small products.
  • Tiered exhibit counters with iPad attachments are well suited for trade show or craft show use. Our models come with attachments for signage as well, which is great to promote a brand. Mall kiosk exhibits also use these fixtures. This is because they have the option of using an iPad for a POS system, while also having an area to stage their products for customers.
  • Our pedestals come in all shapes and sizes. They can be used in museums, retail stores or even for events or parties. The larger models are great to present a relic in a museum or an expensive product at a department store. Our pedestals are also ideal to use as small counters for an events like weddings or wine tastings where people can leave food or drinks at while they are mingling with guests. Since the pedestals are sold in various sizes, some are purchasable as table risers to showcase jewelry, shoes, or small keepsakes. Certain stands are sold in sets of four. This makes it convenient to mix and match pedestals creating an eye catching product exhibit and store layout.
  • Oval and rectangular tiered structures are well suited for clothing displays. The many shelf levels make it easy to present products in an appealing and effective way. Highlight special promotions or sales with these models using our structures that have sign attachments. Since our fixtures feature 360 degree visibility, they’re ideal "island" displays or centerpieces. The top tier is flat, allowing the showcasing of signage or sale posters. Some counters have a melamine finish, making them an inexpensive alternative to solid wood.

There are many advantages to having merchandising fixtures in your retail store, gift shop, or food establishment. They occupy little floor space, but provide abundant shelf area for presenting and storing objects. Marketing materials like clothing, handbags or other items is possible with our retail counters. Multi-tiered store fixtures can stand alone, or can be used in a group to create a larger retail exhibit. Displays2go offers a variety of merchandising structures to showcase products of all kinds. If ordered by 2pm EST, most purchases will ship the same day.

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