Cardboard Magazine Displays & Corrugated Floor Stands for Literature

Cardboard Magazine Displays & Stands - Lightweight Corrugated Design

Cardboard Magazine Display

These cardboard magazine displays, commonly called corrugated literature stands, complement our line of point of purchase products as an economical solution to high volume roll outs. The foldable design and cheap construction make the literature sales racks ideal for limited budgets as well as those on the go. The corrugated cardboard magazine displays ship 1 per box and quickly assemble in minutes to give users a great presentation. The floor stands for printed literature are low cost options for showcasing products to customers. Fill these free-standing bins and retail merchandising systems up with several different pieces of literature to encourage impulse sales. The cardboard magazine displays are perfect for use in any merchandising location, especially retailers that set up convenient bulk sale bins. Bookstores, coffee shops, and especially wholesale outlets are great places to use these magazine display holders.

Do these corrugated literature stands come in any particular colors?
  • These cardboard magazine displays are sold in a variety of colorful finishes.
  • Retailers and other sales establishments commonly buy the bright red merchandising stands to grab customer attention more easily. The vibrant color stands out against any background, so consumers are instantly drawn in.
  • Black is great for modern locations or stores that feature low lighting. The dark color blends in with virtually any surroundings and does not detract from the sale items themselves.
  • The white corrugated literature stands are some of the most popular options because they are versatile and work for many environments. The utilitarian design is non-obtrusive, although many users choose to add their own signage, custom graphics, and other tailored messages.
  • One of the major advantages of this line is that there are tons of possibilities for presentations. The low-cost is ideal for adding some customized signage or advertisements.

These retail racks are ideal cardboard corrugated literature stands for promoting new sale items because they stand out in comparison to other units. They also have the ability to be placed where your customers' attention is focused, which increases the likelihood of making that sale. Each is constructed from corrugated cardboard, so they are very lightweight. As a result, they can not only be moved with relative ease, but also can be relocated frequently depending on the store's needs. The portable design is perfect for trade show events and conventions as well. Expo exhibitors and traveling sales representatives often choose the displays for their presentations for a couple of reasons. Corrugated Literature StandFirst, the cost is so low that many vendors leave them at the trade fair once it has completed. The other reason is that they can be shipped for much less than other heavier, bulkier merchandising systems, such as metal, wire, and wood units. The floor retail displays provide a quick any easy solution for displaying many magazines at one time no matter what the application. From retail stores to trade show, the possibilities are endless.

What are some of the main selling points of the corrugated literature racks?
  • One of the less obvious features is the removable header. The modular design of each of the displays makes it simple to create a customized sign for a selection of publications or reading materials. Custom signage is easily attached with glue, tape, or other adhesive (not provided). The large size of the header provides plenty of room for developing an effective, high impact sign.
  • Deep pockets are another fine attribute these floor standing literature holders offer. Each cell can accommodate several magazines at a time, which makes it easier for store employees to keep catalogs, tabloids, and magazines stocked at all times. These compartments are also effortlessly loaded with more materials. Simply place the reading materials right on the shelves and you're ready to go!
  • As mentioned earlier, the cost is very low for these multi-compartment display systems. The affordable price tags make it easier for business' with restricted budgets to implement a quick and effective merchandising solution. In addition, the more you buy the more you save!
Corrugated Literature Display Racks

Sometimes these store product holders are set up near high traffic areas, including entrances and pathways to capture the attention of passersby. In fact, many stores set them up almost in the way of the customer, so they have no choice but to take notice of the vast amount of selections. The point-of-purchase design is also perfect for placement near registers and checkout counters as they frequently encourage more impulse purchases. Think about any grocery or convenience store. Magazines, tabloids, and other periodicals are also located close by the checkout line because customers have some entertainment while they wait for service. Many times, customers will actually get so involved in the reading materials that they feel obligated to purchase the periodicals. This is exactly the result retailers are looking for, so why not apply the same tools to your store? Don't get left behind and let all your competitors scoop up those impulse sales. Take advantage of these cheap and easy-to-use displays and showcase clearance merchandise, new additions, or even free promotional materials.

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