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Magnetic Picture FramesWhat are magnet photo frames? There are many answers to this question. The term "magnetic picture frames" often refers to the type of photo display you stick on your fridge. While an extensive line of this style is offered in this online catalog, more unique styles are also offered. The acrylic magnetic picture frame is designed for tabletop use (not on your fridge), and is held together by magnets. Your favorite pictures and photos are sandwiched between two pieces of acrylic, and each of the four corners is secured by heavy-duty magnets. Users simply need to separate the two pieces of plexiglass on the magnetic picture frame before placing their image in between for setup. Due to the thick acrylic design, these magnet picture frames will stand up on their own unlike other magnet photo frames with easel backing. It doesn’t even matter if the graphic displays are placed on a desk, book shelf, or end table; the magnetic photo frames will look great. This type of photo holder comes in a range of sizes, including 4 x 6 and 5 x 7. These magnetic picture frames are also sold in both a curved and a straight configuration. This way, customers are able to choose the magnet frame that best suits their individual taste.

Magnet Photo Frame with Magnetic Corners Where are these magnetic picture frames used most often?
  • A magnet photo frame can be used in office settings, such as on a desk or filing cabinet.
  • Retail stores could make use of these graphic holders, as they are affordably priced for resellers.
  • Magnet frames can also be used within residential settings, for placement on bookshelves, refrigerators, or end tables in a family room.
  • These print displays can also be given as gifts, for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, bridal or infant showers.

Magnetic Frames with Clear Acrylic DesignTraditional magnetic frames for placement on a refrigerator are also offered in two different styles. The first is a flexible sleeve-like design. These magnet picture frames act almost like a folder, where users simply slide their photos in between the clear front film, and the flexible white backing. The white backing has a full magnetic backer for full contact, ensuring your displays will not slide or fall off the refrigerator or other surface, without the bulkiness of a thick magnet. This type of frame is designed to hold your 4 x 6 photos in either landscape or portrait orientation. Sold in case packs of 24 units (2 frames per unit), these offerings are ideal for purchase by resellers! The framing solutions for smaller prints are being sold at wholesale prices, enabling retail stores to add their own mark-up and make a profit! The display fixtures can also be given as corporate or promotional gifts as well! The possibilities are endless with this type of picture holder.

Another style offered for placement on a refrigerator is the line of holders that is crafted from clear acrylic. The acrylic measures .08" in thickness, and the backing includes two small sticky-pads with two magnets for your preference of mounting on walls or refrigerators. Customers often use these frames to display photos of family members on a fridge, or inspirational messages on a filing cabinet in an office setting. Users can also use these displays to create collages on their refrigerator, by displaying multiples side by side.

What differs these offerings from other competitors found online?
  • Bulk quantities are available for purchase, making the framing selections ideal for purchase by resellers
  • A wide variety of sizes and styles are offered to suit several needs.
  • The frames come with the "order today, ships today" guarantee. If the item is in stock, simply place your order by 3PM Eastern Time US, and your order will ship out the very same day!
  • These displays for graphics are made from high quality materials, despite being affordably priced. This ensures your frames will last for years to come!

The refrigerator frames are also offered in other styles, in addition to the ones previously mentioned. Another type not yet mentioned are those with an acrylic front, and no backer. These magnetic holders have an acrylic top, with either a stylish teal or black border silkscreened onto the acrylic. On the backside, there are a series of magnets adhered to the acrylic, which will hold the display onto your fridge. These magnets also help to keep your photos in place, so they will not slide out from behind the framing. These products also come in a single photo design, as well as a 3-photo design, for customers to display 3 prints all in one magnetic picture frame.

Another kind of picture frame offered in this category is the model that features a self-stick adhesive backer. This backing is made from a gel, which does not damage your walls or paint. To adhere the framing to any surface, simply remove the protective film from the adhesive and stick the displays onto your wall, refrigerator or other flat surface. These units come with either a decorative silver or black border, in your preference of four sizes: 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, and 8-1/2 x 11. This type of picture frame with magnets can also be used within a retail or restaurant setting. Retail stores could use these to display promotional signs on a wall without having to drill holes, or mar the wall. Restaurants could use these signage displays to hold menu specials, on a wall within a booth or by tables, in order to promote recent additions to the selection or to advertise upcoming events.

The frame systems found in this category are not the only solutions offered to display your photos. This category of picture frames online is home to hundreds of different options to choose from. Wood photo holders, metal-frame displays and collage designs can all be found here. Themed frames, including some for new babies, wedding and travel are also available. These offerings can be given as gifts or kept as mementos. Collage holders are ideal for users looking to display more than one photo at once. These types of framing are offered in metal, plastic and wooden designs, for users to choose the finish that will best coordinate with their existing décor. Large format products are also offered, for prints 11 x 14 and up.

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