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Menu Card Holders Decorative Styles and Designs

Card Holders and Stanchions for Table Numbers and Menus

Does your restaurant, cafe, or banquet hall need a way to number tables or place drink list on bars? Our menu card holders are a great way to advertise daily specials on countertops or label food behind bakery display cases. Each of these tabletop sign clips is designed with metal coils or clamps, which are easy to clean and promise a lasting life in busy environments. The simple design of these table menu card holders makes them suitable for use in any retail, bakery, or restaurant setting. Use memo clips to organize seating arrangements or provide customers with a list of specials and drink options to browse before their server takes their order. Metal tabletop menu card holders can be used to guide guests to their table at banquets, advertise upcoming events, or identify the florist who created a tabletop arrangement. Choose from memo stands with matte black or satin silver finishes to match the decor of any environment.

menu card holder table stanchions What are some common uses of these tabletop card displays?
  • Table menu card holders excel in fast-paced restaurant settings. Customers may have a few moments to peruse listings while waiting for a bartender to serve them or for an entree to come out of the kitchen. Place daily specials in high-visibility locations to entice your guests to order an extra appetizer, cocktail, or dessert.
  • Metal card holders are perfect for advertising pricing and sales information, especially at delis and bakeries. Cafés even use these label coil stands to price confections behind glass showcases or for customers who are eating-in to easily find the right table once their order is finished.
  • Countertop clip stands are also used at home to hold Christmas cards and “save-the-dates.” Use during arts and crafts activities, or to display artwork, report cards, or to-do list.

These metal number card holders help pricing and other important info stand out to customers. The height of these sign clips ranges from 5” - 21” tall, providing ample clearance to advertise above food items. With a vast array of merchandise to label, the versatility of these card holders makes it easy to maneuver the pricing labels alongside the constantly changing store displays. Whether you need table tents, sign holders, or flip stands, we carry a vast assortment of restaurant advertising tools. Items like card displays and memo holders, can be used in retail locations, banquets and trade shows as well. Displays2go carries everything you need to equip your store with signage and boost your daily sales.

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