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Jewelry Displays - Retail Countertop & Display Case Stands

Jewelry Display Stands - Store Fixtures For Countertops & Display Cases

These jewelry displays give you freedom to organize a necklace or earring collection in a customer-friendly way. An eye-catching jewelry stand can really draw attention to your displayed necklace or earring products. We sell a variety of styles to match any space restrictions or presentational styling, including showcases designed to sell rings, bracelets, watches and necklaces and more. Earring displays are also available to showcase a wide selection and multiple pairs.

What kinds of retail stores commonly use these countertop store fixtures?
  • Boutiques - Many fancy boutiques use these jewelry displays and stands to display the finest pieces in their collections to attract customers.
  • Department Stores - Many larger department stores offer vast selections of jewelry. These stands are a great opportunity to display prominent pieces where passersby will be sure to notice them.
  • Salons - Many hair salons also sell jewelry as a side venture. Place items by the counter or checkout area to increase the chances of getting point of purchase sales.

These jewelry displays are sold in both acrylic and steel designs. The acrylic display cases are ideal for highlighting specific pieces of jewelry, such as a necklace or earring. These acrylic jewelry boxes take up little space yet create an quickly-viewable countertop presentation. The fashion accessory displays, also known as steel store fixtures, are larger and have a much more distinct display. These necklace display cases feature more of a vintage styling, with scroll bases and ornate embellishments. These jewelry showcases are also height-adjustable and feature rotating tiers to make it exceptionally simple to view your displayed necklace or earring collection.

Jewelry fixtures can be used in a variety of locations for showcasing an earring or necklace collection. You can also use boxes to highlight bracelets, rings, scarves, ties and many other accessories. Typically found in retail stores or boutiques, these store fixtures can also be used during trade show presentations or craft fairs! We even sell jewelry showcases made specifically for holding earring products. Browse through our entire collection of acrylic store fixtures, including our 250 pair earring display.

Many different displays are available for all sorts of different purposes. Countertop space is incredibly valuable, no matter what the size of the store is. Use these supplies that are suitable to display either the finest pieces or simple homemade rings or bracelets. Use these stands residentially as well. The silver brushed spinner racks will sit nicely on any bureau or dresser. Jewelry displays enhance the look of any collection. Give them as a gift to a daughter, girlfriend, wife or purchase them for personal use. Store owners and home owners alike can benefit greatly from countertop fixtures.

Another common use of these displays is for traveling salespeople. Many people will have parties and get-togethers centered around the sale of jewelry, and is a growingly popular side job for many women and men. These stands can easily fit into any car or van to be taken on the road and used at these parties. With a wide variety of displays available, pick the ideal display to showcase the collection that youโ€™re selling. Easily take your business on the go!

What different kinds of showcases are available in this category?
  • Spinner Racks - Spinning countertop displays make it simple for necklaces and bracelets to be viewed from any angle, and is a space conservative.
  • Tubes- A nice way to showcase bracelets and watches, and can display numerous items.
  • Acrylic Displays - These forms are shaped like a neck, so necklaces can be showcased on their own.

In addition to necklace holders, we also offer a wide selection of store fixtures and display cases to complement any retail presentation. Jewelry boxes will help you create a sorted yet eye-catching presentation highlight an earring collection or necklace products. Create a cohesive presentation using products found throughout our website.

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