Gridwall Display Stands Conveniently Present Retail Merchandise

Gridwall Fixtures with Optional Wheels Help Display Product Merchandise

In search of a solution for showcasing smaller retail items? Gridwall display stands are a versatile way to display your store’s loose merchandise and small blister wrapped products. Each unit comes as a four-sided fixture, allowing users to have a 360° ability to display their merchandise on each surface. Gridwall display stands include wheels as an option, so retailers can move these showcases around their store to find the perfect location — and then lock it into place. The units have a modest construction and really let the products speak for themselves. Browse through our selection of display stands to find the one best suited for your business.

Gridwall display stands What are some other features of these grid kiosks?
  • Gridwall display stands can rotate so customers can easily peruse through all the available merchandise.
  • Each fixture comes equipped with a removable 11” x 7” sign holder. The added signage comes in handy if you wanted to display sales pricing or promotional messages.
  • Some models come bundled with 20 hooks of either 4”, 8”, or 12” in length to showcase merchandise. You can also opt for a fixture that comes without hooks, and purchase attachments separately and mix-and-match accessories to create the presentation you’re looking for.
  • The grid fixtures are rugged, yet lightweight. These attributes are what makes them great units for showcasing retail items — place them anywhere in your store.
  • Each kiosk is inexpensive and will fit in the budgets of any business, big or small. Just because the piece comes at a modest cost doesn’t mean it yields a low quality item. The fixtures are constructed from sturdy wire that will hold up to the wear-and-tear of shoppers browsing through products.

These units will make a great addition to your establishment and can help showcase your retail products. Looking for other types of merchandisers? Wall mounted grid panels let you cover the surface floor to ceiling with items you wish to sell. Customers will have a plain view of your merchandise. Let Displays2go help you present your retail products in the most effective way possible. Shop online and see for yourself!

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