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Cash Wrap Configurations for Department & Retail Stores

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Full Configurations of Silver Cash Wraps & Display Cases

Do you need a cash wrap configuration to place in a new store? Are you shopping on a limited budget, but don't want to compromise on quality? This retail sales counter is an essential showcase for any specialty, department, or retail store. These store fixtures have been pre-organized into some of the more popular configurations and priced at a slight discount as compared to buying the same units separately. This retail sales counter provides an area in which employees can interact with customers and aid them in their shopping. This selection of showcases also provides an area to checkout patrons while still being able to monitor other customers in the store. This retail sales counter, when built into a formation, becomes the center and focus of your store's environment. All the pieces of these fixtures ship together, yet some components are fully assembled and others require complete production. This retail sales counter has included instructions for all of the unassembled units. Production is fairly simple and can be completed by one person, and a part-time assistant. Since this retail sales counter is pre-configured, customers should measure their floor space to insure that the entire unit will fit in their store. All of the exact dimensions; for both the overall set-up and individual components are listed on the product pages. Even though this retail sales counter is sold in a particular set-up; these units can be rearranged to suit a store's specific layout or need. Some of the corner cabinets for sale here are not intended for "stand alone" use, and require to be situated next to another glass case. This retail sales counter is more of an economical series of cases, in comparison to some of the others for sale here. With that; these glass cabinets do not have any lighting or locks. This retail sales counter does feature an all-glass design that allows the maximum amount of overhead lighting in, so that additional lights are necessarily needed. Buy one of these configurations today!

Wrap-around and complete store fixtures are considered full-vision display cases because they are built with full height glass frontage, top and shelves giving the consumer the maximum view of your retail objects. This safety glass is a must-have for any store that serves the public. If the glass cabinet should happen to break the resulting pieces are small and rounded, thereby presenting less of a hazard. Showcases often hold priceless retail objects, meant to be kept safe and secure. There are locks on all of the cabinet doors to allow employees to control access to the contents on display. Another hidden benefit to these retail sales counters is the fact that they ship in less than a week. We challenge all shoppers to find a similar unit that is comparably priced and ships in less than seven days. We're confident that these retail sales counters are the best overall deal offered online!

We offer these store fixtures pre-configured to alleviate the hassle of developing your own countertop layout. Simply choose the unit that will work best with your floor plan and that embodies the style that you envision. Cases are also versatile and can be reorganized to make a different configuration than the one shown. Rearrange stores seasonally or as new product lines roll in that would benefit from a new layout.

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